Covid in Scotland: Children at higher risk of Covid to be vaccinated

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image captionThe wellness caput has confirmed at-risk children implicit 12 would beryllium offered the vaccine

The Scottish authorities has confirmed children implicit 12 who are astatine higher hazard of falling sick from Covid volition beryllium offered the vaccine.

However the bulk of children, who are debased risk, volition not beryllium offered the jab for now.

It follows the latest recommendations of the UK's Joint Committee connected Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI).

Health Secretary Humza Yousaf confirmed the determination aft getting his 2nd jab.

He told BBC Scotland: "We ever travel JCVI proposal and volition proceed to bash so."

UK Vaccines Minister Nadhim Zahawi has confirmed that the UK authorities volition besides travel the JCVI advice.

Some steadfast children implicit 12 who unrecorded with different susceptible radical tin besides person the vaccine, arsenic good arsenic those connected the cusp of turning 18.

They volition beryllium offered the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine due to the fact that it is the lone 1 approved for usage successful children aged 12 to 17 successful the UK.

Those recently eligible, according to the JCVI recommendations, see susceptible children aged 12 to 15 with:

  • severe neurodisability
  • Down's syndrome
  • a severely weakened immune system, including immoderate children with cancer
  • those with profound and aggregate learning difficulties.

In a statement connected Twitter, My Yousaf said helium was the begetter of a 12-year-old and helium knew "feelings are strong" connected the taxable of vaccinating children.

He added: "Universal vaccination of nether 18s isn't recommended. This presumption is precise overmuch being kept nether review.

"JCVI connected equilibrium would similar to reappraisal much information connected vaccine effect connected young people, truthful similar a precautionary approach, fixed the debased hazard of superior unwellness from Covid to young people."

Mr Yousaf added that the presumption for children mostly was being kept nether reappraisal and experts were continuing to look astatine the data.

image captionMr Yousaf receivd his 2nd vaccination astatine Glasgow Central Mosque

Vulnerable 16 and 17-year-olds were already capable to get the vaccine.

Those aged 12 to 17 volition besides beryllium offered a vaccine if they unrecorded with idiosyncratic with a anemic immune system.

Teenagers wrong 3 months of their 18th day volition beryllium offered the jab - the purpose is to support radical leaving schoolhouse earlier they commencement enactment oregon university.

Scotland's Chief Medical Officer Dr Gregor Smith said enactment was nether mode to present the vaccines successful the "forthcoming weeks".

He added: "I cognize that the committee volition springiness immoderate further update to proposal arsenic soon arsenic the grounds supports this and, successful the meantime, we volition connection the vaccine to those children and young radical presently recommended."

Dr Smith said young radical who crook 18 by 31 July were already being vaccinated and invites would proceed to beryllium rolled retired for those who scope the milestone wrong a three-month window.

'Controversial strategy'

Public wellness adept Prof Linda Bauld aboriginal told BBC Scotland's The Nine that the JCVI whitethorn beryllium waiting to marque a determination based connected the wellness outcomes of "millions" of young radical vaccinated successful countries similar the US and Canada.

Experts would beryllium looking astatine instances of uncommon bosom conditions which whitethorn beryllium linked to definite vaccines, she said.

image captionProf Linda Bauld told The Nine that questions volition beryllium asked astir vaccination campaigns for young radical successful the US

"When you person a precise large run successful the US and Canada encouraging parents to bring their teenagers guardant for vaccination, arsenic a connection to getting retired successful the look of Delta, parents successful the UK volition beryllium asking questions astir that," Prof Bauld said.

"The payment of the JCVI waiting to spot much teenagers vaccinated is they volition get a batch much information information from the millions of young radical successful the US. That seems to beryllium the strategy but it is going to beryllium controversial."

'Vaccination is crucial'

Meanwhile, Mr Yousaf confirmed each big successful Scotland has present been invited for a vaccination assignment and added the programme is "significantly up of schedule".

However astir a 3rd (30.6%) of younger adults person inactive not been vaccinated, according to the latest statistic published by the Scottish government.

It is hoped each adults volition person received their 2nd dose by 12 September.

Mr Yousaf added: "It is captious that everyone takes the accidental to get some doses of their vaccination erstwhile this is offered. The 2nd dose gives greater and longer lasting protection, and should not beryllium missed.

"Vaccination is important to support ourselves, our families and our communities, and to assistance america connected the way backmost to normality."

Latest Scottish authorities figures amusement 3,981,950 radical person present received the archetypal dose of the Covid vaccination and 2,978,746 person received their 2nd dose.

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