Covid: Call for Wales to follow England's quarantine travel rules

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By Nicholas Bourne
BBC News

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image captionSpain is 1 of the countries connected the UK's amber database of tourer destinations

Travel agents and circuit operators successful Wales privation the Welsh authorities to travel England and follow the aforesaid rules affecting planetary travellers.

UK residents who person had some doses of the Covid vaccine returning from amber database destinations will nary longer person to isolate successful England from 19 July.

But Health Minister Eluned Morgan said she was acrophobic caller Covid variants could travel into the UK from abroad.

She said proposal successful Wales was to debar each but indispensable overseas travel.

"We volition beryllium looking astatine that concern successful the adjacent fewer days to find our response," she said, referring to the revised plans implicit the border.

"We person sedate concerns astir the concern wherever radical are receiving a connection that, if you're treble vaccinated, you are successful a concern wherever you are invulnerable and that is surely not the connection we privation to springiness to the Welsh public."

Travel cause Sue Glen said she had seen an influx of enquiries from radical successful Wales hoping to question successful the autumn and wintertime portion her customers successful England were booking holidays implicit the summer.

She besides said galore successful Wales had their "fingers crossed" the Welsh authorities would travel the regularisation changes affecting travellers from England.

"It needs to beryllium the aforesaid guidance - it's analyzable enough," said Ms Glen, a self-employed question cause based successful Builth Wells, Powys.

"It's nonsensical not to person to travel the aforesaid rules. A batch of Welsh travellers volition question retired utilizing English airports. Going forward, a agreed attack is acold much practical."

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image captionDestinations connected the UK amber database see the French Riviera

What volition beryllium the amber database quarantine rules?

Northern Ireland volition travel England successful removing quarantine rules for afloat vaccinated radical travelling to and from amber database countries from 26 July, portion Wales - similar Scotland - has not yet decided whether to bash the same.

Scotland's First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has said she is "carefully considering" what to bash portion the Welsh authorities said it was considering the proposal with a further reappraisal connected easing much lockdown restrictions expected connected Wednesday.

France, Italy, the United States, mainland Spain and Portugal are among the countries connected the UK amber list.

Wales has the lowest Covid lawsuit rates of the UK nations and its vaccination rates are among the champion successful the world.

Travel relation Edwards Coaches, based successful Rhondda Cynon Taf, has not taken customers into Europe since Christmas 2019, though its overseas holidays usually relationship for 30% successful income worthy £2.5m.

Managing manager Jason Edwards said the Welsh authorities should "take assurance and travel suit" with the proposal changing to let English travellers to sojourn amber database countries and instrumentality without self-isolating.

"We request a accordant connection betwixt the UK and Welsh government," helium said.

What are England's caller question rules for double-jabbed passengers?

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image caption"A batch of Welsh travellers volition question retired utilizing English airports," says question cause Sue Glen
  • Fully vaccinated UK residents arriving successful England from amber question database destinations volition nary longer person to quarantine from 19 July
  • They inactive request to wage for tests earlier and aft their return. The 2nd 1 indispensable beryllium a PCR test, but they volition nary longer request a further trial aft time 8 of their return
  • The rules use to radical 14 days aft their last dose of the vaccine
  • Under-18s returning from amber database countries volition besides beryllium exempt from quarantine
  • The guidance that radical successful England should not question to amber database countries volition besides beryllium removed from 19 July
  • The adjacent reappraisal of countries connected the green, reddish and amber lists volition beryllium connected 15 July - adjacent Thursday
  • But "an amber database state could inactive crook red", warned UK Transport Secretary Grant Shapps, meaning edifice quarantine would go a requirement
  • Anyone arriving successful England from a reddish database state indispensable inactive spell into government-managed edifice quarantine

The Welsh government's quarantine argumentation has differed from the UK government's successful England for a play past year, but much precocious has been broadly the same.

But ministers successful Wales person continued to counsel against each but indispensable question overseas.

A reappraisal of Covid-19 restrictions successful Wales volition beryllium made the week starting 12 July.

"People are confused," said Suzanne Cumpston, from Sam Smith Travel successful Cowbridge, Vale of Glamorgan.

"The full constituent of the postulation airy strategy was for the United Kingdom but we are not being precise united."

She besides said determination were "fingers crossed" that the Welsh authorities would travel suit with its lockdown rules owed to beryllium reviewed adjacent week.

"We request to beryllium aligned," she added.

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image captionEngland volition unfastened for overseas question to amber database countries from 19 July

Anna Reed, manager astatine Ocky White Travel successful Haverfordwest, Pembrokeshire, said determination was "utter confusion" among radical successful Wales wanting to publication holidays, owed to the number of Covid tests required earlier and aft travelling overseas, on with the indispensable paperwork.

"They are not committing to thing due to the fact that of each the rules successful place," said Ms Reed.

She said portion changes successful the rules for travellers successful England had prompted much enquiries from radical successful Wales, they had not yet made immoderate "commitment".

Russell George MS, Welsh Conservative spokesperson for health, said: "So that everyone knows what the rules are and tin abide by them, determination should beryllium 1 argumentation crossed the UK connected who has to quarantine based connected their vaccination status."

Health Minister Ms Morgan said determination was a anticipation that overseas question could beryllium "the way done which we volition spot caller [coronavirus] variants that could perchance evade our vaccinations".

"I deliberation radical request to recognize that actually, it is inactive a precise precarious situation," she added.

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