Covid break out in two north Wales hospitals

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image captionThe Covid outbreak astatine Ysbyty Gwynedd deed 5 wards

Two hospitals successful northbound Wales person been deed with outbreaks of Covid.

Betsi Cadwaladr wellness committee said it was managing the outbreak connected 2 wards astatine Ysbyty Gwynedd and 1 astatine Ysbyty Eryri successful Caernarfon, Gwynedd.

It said it was caring for 34 patients with Covid-19 infections crossed some sites, 14 of which are person confirmed hospital-acquired infections.

Affected patients are being isolated and wards are presently closed portion visiting remains restricted.

The wellness board's enforcement manager of nursing and midwifery Gill Harris said: "A programme of unit and diligent investigating is nether mode and our precedence is to bring this outbreak to a adjacent arsenic soon arsenic possible.

"In caller weeks, cases of Covid-19 person continued to summation successful our assemblage and we person seen a emergence successful the fig of patients admitted to our hospitals needing attraction owed to contracting the virus.

"This is simply a timely reminder that the microorganism has not gone distant and we would impulse anyone who has not received their vaccination to visit our website to publication an assignment oregon sojourn 1 of our drop-in clinics."

She said the wellness board's exigency departments were besides experiencing important pressure

"We are seeing patients who are highly poorly, galore of who are elderly," she said.

"Only be our infirmary sites if it is perfectly necessary, to assistance america trim the hazard of infection.

First Minister Mark Drakeford said: "Throughout the pandemic, erstwhile assemblage rates of transmission rise, nevertheless hard the wellness work works - and it does enactment enormously hard - it is intolerable to wholly forestall the dispersed of the microorganism into those susceptible settings.

"The wellness work present has a tried and tested acceptable of measures it instantly mobilises to effort and minimise the interaction of the microorganism erstwhile it gets into a closed mounting similar a hospital.

"Hospitals are afloat of susceptible radical and we cognize this cruel illness attacks the vulnerable, wherever they are astir susceptible and these volition beryllium hard days successful those settings successful northbound Wales."

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