Covid-19: Whitty says case levels may get 'scary' and warning on organ damage

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Here are 5 things you request to cognize astir the coronavirus pandemic this Friday morning. We'll person different update for you this evening.

1. Infection numbers could inactive get 'scary', says Whitty

The UK is "not retired of the woods" and people should enactment with caution arsenic Covid restrictions successful England extremity connected Monday, says the main aesculapian advisor Prof Chris Whitty. With the UK signaling astir 50,000 caller coronavirus cases connected Thursday, helium says infirmary admissions - already doubling each 3 weeks - could deed "scary numbers" if the inclination continues and "we could get into occupation again amazingly fast".

2. Younger adults hazard Covid organ harm - study

Younger adults admitted to infirmary with Covid are almost arsenic apt to endure from complications arsenic those aged implicit 50, probe suggests. Four successful 10 of those betwixt 19 and 49 developed problems with their kidneys, lungs oregon different organs, according to a survey of 73,197 treated successful infirmary during the archetypal question of Covid successful 2020.

image captionPaul Godfrey says helium has inactive not recovered from lung harm caused by Covid

3. Covid unit shortage could unopen nutrient production

Staff absences could spot shortages of nutrient products, arsenic processors spot 1 successful 10 of their workforce being told to self-isolate by the NHS Covid app, the manufacture warns. The fig of radical notified by the app successful England and Wales precocious passed fractional a cardinal successful a azygous week. And unit shortages are being felt crossed each sectors, successful peculiar hospitality and leisure, says the president of the CBI, which represents 190,000 businesses.

4. Small shops look £1.7bn indebtedness mountain, says report

The UK could look a "tsunami" of store closures this autumn, with owners faced with repaying £1.7bn successful debt, Bill Grimsey, the erstwhile brag of Wickes and Iceland, says. His latest study into the aboriginal of High Streets says tiny shops survived the pandemic by taking connected government-backed loans that would not usually person been granted, based connected their finances. The reappraisal calls for the authorities to constitute disconnected immoderate debt. The Treasury says it's already providing further enactment and flexibility successful indebtedness repayment.

5. Covid patient's ain humor could dainty lung scarring

A therapy made from a Covid patient's ain humor is being trialled to dainty lung scarring that tin beryllium near aft infirmary treatment. Doctors astatine Guy's and St Thomas' NHS Foundation Trust successful London person begun a tiny proceedings utilizing patients' achromatic humor cells.

media captionMike Salmon, who spent 3 months successful intensive care, talks astir his hopes for the trial

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