Covid-19: PM urges caution as 19 July unlocking set to go ahead

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By Joseph Lee
BBC News

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Prime Minister Boris Johnson is expected to corroborate aboriginal the program to assistance astir each ineligible restrictions connected societal interaction successful England connected 19 July.

But up of a quality league connected Monday afternoon, Mr Johnson has urged radical to beryllium cautious.

"We indispensable each instrumentality work truthful we don't undo our progress, ensuring we proceed to support our NHS," helium said.

He warned that Covid-19 cases, presently astatine astir 30,000 a day, would proceed to emergence arsenic nine reopened.

The PM's quality league volition contiguous the latest data, with Downing Street saying that existent modelling suggests infirmary admissions, superior unwellness and deaths from Covid-19 volition continue, but astatine a little level than earlier the vaccination programme.

Number 10 said the hold successful moving to the last signifier of the roadmap retired of lockdown, primitively scheduled for 21 June, had allowed an further 6.8 cardinal archetypal and 2nd vaccine doses to beryllium fixed retired truthful far.

The authorities had besides moved the expected extremity of restrictions person to the schoolhouse summertime holidays, erstwhile transmission is apt to beryllium lower, Downing Street said.

Mr Johnson said: "We are tantalisingly adjacent to the last milestone successful our roadworthy representation retired of lockdown, but the program to reconstruct our freedoms indispensable travel with a warning."

He said that vaccine roll-out had weakened the nexus betwixt infections, infirmary admissions and deaths, but added that the pandemic is "not implicit yet".

With cases acceptable to emergence arsenic restrictions are lifted, "caution is perfectly vital", the premier curate said.

As good arsenic the quality conference, Health Secretary Sajid Javid is expected to denote the plans successful Parliament.

A important hazard with important rewards

No different state has attempted what England looks acceptable to bash successful the look of rapidly expanding corruption rates, driven by a much infectious variant.

But past fewer countries person specified precocious levels of vaccination, positive extortion from earthy corruption to trim the load of superior illness.

And with cases already surging, the calculation is that delaying further volition not execute a large deal.

The anticipation is the rising question of corruption volition soon deed that partition of immunity and rates volition plateau, earlier falling.

However, it comes with important risks. While the nexus betwixt cases and hospitalisations is weakened, it's not breached - 100,000 cases a time would astir apt pb to 2,000 admissions, doubly what the NHS sees successful the depths of wintertime for each respiratory infections.

But the rewards are, potentially, important too. It's imaginable by the extremity of summertime England could find itself successful a presumption wherever determination volition beryllium capable immunity to beryllium adjacent to being capable to negociate the virus.

It's improbable to deed the herd immunity threshold, but adjacent capable that immense surges of corruption whitethorn beryllium down us.

The determination to region restrictions is based connected 4 tests, Downing Street said.

These are: continued advancement successful the vaccine rollout; grounds that vaccination is reducing infirmary admissions and deaths; corruption rates that bash not hazard unsustainable unit connected the NHS and nary caller variants of interest which alteration the risks.

Nearly 45.9 cardinal radical - oregon 87.1% of adults successful the UK - person present had astatine slightest 1 dose of a Covid-19 vaccine. Almost 34.8 cardinal (two-thirds of adults) person had some doses.

On Sunday, the UK recorded different 31,772 confirmed coronavirus cases, on with a further 26 deaths recorded wrong 28 days of a affirmative test.

Although deaths stay comparatively low, successful the past 7 days, they roseate by much than 66% connected the erstwhile week.

Confirming the determination to stage 4 of England's roadworthy representation retired of lockdown would mean determination are nary longer immoderate limits connected however galore radical tin meet, the 1m-plus regularisation is lifted and the ineligible request for look masks comes to an end.

But connected Sunday Vaccines Minister Nadhim Zahawi said determination would inactive beryllium "an expectation" to deterioration them successful crowded places specified arsenic trains.

The changes connected 19 July are besides expected to mean that nightclubs tin reopen, pubs tin service radical astatine the barroom and capableness limits astatine concerts, theatres, sports events oregon places of worship would beryllium lifted.

But the request to self-isolate if you are contacted by NHS Test and Trace volition stay successful spot until 16 August, erstwhile it volition beryllium relaxed for radical who person had some vaccine doses. If idiosyncratic tests affirmative for the microorganism they volition inactive beryllium legally required to self-isolate.

Wales is owed to reappraisal its restrictions connected 15 July, portion Scotland is expected to determination to level 0 connected 19 July and assistance astir ineligible restrictions connected 9 August. Northern Ireland is owed to easiness immoderate Covid measures connected 26 July.

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