Covid-19: No EU vaccine certificate for Irish passport holders in NI

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By Shane Harrison
BBC News Dublin Correspondent

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image captionThe Digital Covid Certificate is being rolled retired crossed EU subordinate states this month

Most Irish passport holders who unrecorded successful Northern Ireland volition not beryllium capable to usage the EU Digital Covid Certificate.

That is successful spite of Taoiseach (Irish Prime Minister) Mícheál Martin and different elder Irish authorities ministers indicating that they would.

The vaccine "passport" to facilitate planetary question comes into effect successful the Republic of Ireland connected Monday.

It volition marque journeys wrong the EU easier for radical who are afloat vaccinated against Covid-19.

Last week, much than 2 cardinal radical successful the Republic of Ireland got their certificates, which incorporate QR codes, by email and post.

But astir Irish passport holders successful Northern Ireland volition not beryllium capable to entree the certificate due to the fact that they were vaccinated extracurricular of the Republic of Ireland.

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image captionTravellers from Ireland volition beryllium capable to marque journeys to different countries much freely

That means the Irish authorities has nary authoritative grounds of their vaccination, according to elder Irish authorities sources.

Making the certificate disposable to Irish passport holders successful Northern Ireland was discussed by the taoiseach and different ministers past week.

Irish Foreign Minister Simon Coveney has said the substance would beryllium "kept nether consideration".

In Northern Ireland, the Department of Health has said it is assured that an "international question app" volition beryllium acceptable "early [this] week" for those who are afloat vaccinated.

The EU's vaccine "passport", sometimes known arsenic the Digital Green Cert, has besides been made operational successful Switzerland, Norway, Iceland and Lichtenstein, which are non-EU countries.

EU citizens and those of Switzerland, Iceland, Norway and Liechtenstein tin download it oregon get a insubstantial transcript astatine nary cost.

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image captionThe certificates volition beryllium utilized for permitting entree to indoor hospitality venues successful the Republic of Ireland

It is besides disposable to non-EU nationals surviving legally successful subordinate states who person the close to question to different subordinate states.

The certificate tin beryllium issued if idiosyncratic has been vaccinated against Covid-19, precocious had a antagonistic PCR trial oregon precocious recovered from Covid-19.

The certificate volition beryllium accepted arsenic impervious of afloat vaccination successful bid to summation entree to indoor hospitality successful the Republic of Ireland.

Irish Tourism Minister Catherine Martin indicated that authoritative UK impervious of vaccination would besides beryllium acceptable for indoor hospitality purposes, preferably with different impervious of identity, specified arsenic a driving licence.

However, what is acceptable for indoor eating is not for planetary travel, according to sources successful Dublin.

Those travelling overseas even, with the certificate, are being asked by the authorities to beryllium alert of the introduction requirements of the countries to which they are travelling.

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