Covid-19: Nightclubs reopen as restrictions ease and Katie Hopkins deported

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Here are 5 things you request to cognize astir the coronavirus pandemic this Monday morning. We'll person different update for you this evening.

1. England's Covid restrictions ease

Most legal restrictions imposed to halt the dispersed of coronavirus successful England are lifted today, with the removal of limits connected the fig of radical you tin conscionable oregon the events you tin attend. Some radical person already been retired clubbing. But Prime Minister Boris Johnson is inactive urging caution.

image captionFibre successful Leeds was among the clubs opening its doors astatine midnight connected Monday

2. Scotland moves to level zero

In Scotland, you mightiness inactive beryllium incapable to sojourn nightclubs but pubs and restaurants tin present unfastened until midnight, arsenic the federation moves to its lowest level of restrictions. It means up to 8 adults from 4 households tin conscionable indoors astatine home, and arsenic galore arsenic 10 successful a pub oregon restaurant. Up to 15 radical from 15 households tin conscionable outdoors, with arsenic galore arsenic 200 allowed astatine weddings and funerals.

3. Double-jabbed NHS unit could debar isolation

Amid rising concerns implicit shortages caused by the fig of radical being told to isolate by the NHS Covid-19 app, immoderate fully vaccinated frontline NHS unit successful England are to beryllium allowed to transportation connected working erstwhile "pinged". Staff, including societal attraction workers, volition beryllium exempt from isolating successful "exceptional circumstances", erstwhile absences could pb to a "significant hazard of harm".

4. Australia to deport Hopkins implicit quarantine boast

British commentator Katie Hopkins volition beryllium deported from Australia for bragging astir flouting edifice quarantine rules by opening her edifice country doorway without a mask, says the Canberra government. Ms Hopkins, who was to prima successful TV's Big Brother Australia, posted a video - present wiped - saying she would "lie successful wait" for workers to present nutrient truthful she could unfastened the doorway "naked with nary look mask".

image copyrightPress Association

5. How lockdown has created opportunities

As restrictions easiness crossed the UK, astir radical mightiness beryllium gladsome to spot the extremity of limits connected life. But for some, the power to online prompted by the pandemic is simply a improvement they don't privation to spot reversed. Author Jase Puddicombe, 27, says it's been "life-changing".

media captionCoronavirus: 'Pandemic means I'm a subordinate of nine again'

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