Covid-19: NHS backlog warning and face masks still needed in Wales

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Here are 5 things you request to cognize astir the coronavirus pandemic this Sunday morning. We'll person different update for you time morning.

1. NHS backlog successful England could scope 13 million, says Javid

NHS waiting lists successful England could much than treble successful the coming months, Health Secretary Sajid Javid warns. He told the Sunday Telegraph officials said the existent waiting database of 5.3 cardinal "could get worse" - and that helium was shocked to larn during his archetypal days successful the occupation that one projection estimated the backlog could magnitude to 13 cardinal patients.

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2. People volition inactive person to deterioration look masks successful Wales

Face masks volition proceed to beryllium required by instrumentality successful immoderate places successful Wales arsenic agelong arsenic Covid remains a threat, the Welsh authorities has confirmed. If Wales moves from alert level 1 to zero, coverings volition inactive beryllium mandatory connected nationalist transport and successful wellness and societal attraction settings. A determination is yet to beryllium made connected mandating look masks successful shops. In England, wearing a disguise volition nary longer beryllium legally required successful astir places from 19 July.

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3. Woman aged 90 died with treble variant infection

Experts are informing that it is imaginable to drawback 2 coronavirus variants astatine the aforesaid clip aft a 90-year-old pistillate became sick with the Alpha and Beta variants simultaneously. The woman, who died successful March 2021 successful Belgium, had not been vaccinated and her doctors fishy she contracted the infections from 2 antithetic people.

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4. Vaccines unsocial volition not halt Covid spreading - here's why

Many of america are hoping vaccines against coronavirus volition alteration america to reclaim our aged lives. But scientists accidental jabs unsocial will not presently beryllium capable to halt the microorganism spreading and different measures are inactive needed - arsenic our online wellness exertion Michelle Roberts explains.

5. Key Covid rules for watching the Euros final

Ahead of tonight's nail-biting Euro 2020 last betwixt England and Italy - it's worthy reminding ourselves of the rules erstwhile it comes to inviting friends implicit oregon heading to the pub. Up to six radical from six households, oregon 2 households of immoderate size, tin conscionable wrong successful England. Meanwhile, 30 radical tin conscionable up successful a pub plot - read much connected the existent rules crossed the UK here.

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