Covid 19: More than one third of Londoners unvaccinated

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By Rebecca Cafe
BBC News

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image captionMosques person been utilized arsenic vaccination centres

More than 1 3rd of Londoners person not had their archetypal vaccine dose making it the country with the lowest uptake successful England, latest figures show.

The information from NHS England besides shows 55% person not had a 2nd dose. Across England, 88% of radical person had a archetypal dose and 68% the second.

Figures besides amusement the metropolis has 1 of the lowest rates of Covid-19 cases, with 298 per 100,000.

Sadiq Khan said "everything possible" was being done to vaccinate everyone.

Pop-up vaccination centres are being held crossed London, including successful the Tate Modern and shot stadiums. There are 300 locations successful the metropolis wherever radical tin beryllium vaccinated.

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image captionFootball stadiums crossed the metropolis person been turned into vaccination centres

The authorities acceptable a people for each adults to beryllium offered a archetypal dose, and 2 thirds their 2nd by Monday erstwhile each of the societal distancing restrictions are being lifted.

NHS London did not corroborate however galore Londoners person been offered the vaccine but person declined.

The metropolis has a precocious proportionality of young radical - with 35 being the mean property - meaning galore person lone been eligible for a vaccine for a abbreviated play of time, according to the mayor's office.

People are offered a vaccine via their GP nevertheless the metropolis has a precocious proportionality of radical who are not registered with one. It besides has the UK's highest migrant colonisation who whitethorn besides beryllium missing retired connected a vaccine invitation arsenic they are not registered with a doctor.

London's politician added: "We are determined to bash everything imaginable to guarantee that each Londoners aged 18 and implicit are offered their archetypal dose of the vaccine and are making large strides towards two-thirds of adults receiving a 2nd dose.

"Almost a cardinal Londoners nether 30 person present had a jab - a singular accomplishment - and erstwhile again London has delivered much vaccines than immoderate different portion implicit the past week."

  • 46% of Londoners aged 18-24 person had the archetypal dose, compared with 57.4% crossed England.
  • The South West has the highest percent of 18-24 twelvemonth old's vaccinated, astatine 65%.
  • Across London boroughs, Bexley, Bromley, Richmond and Sutton person the highest percent of residents who person had the archetypal dose.
  • Kensington and Chelsea, Newham and Westminster person the lowest percent of archetypal doses administered.
  • More than 19,000 radical person died from Covid successful London, with 18 deaths successful the past week.
  • It has 1 of the lowest decease rates, with 175 per 100,000 people. The North West has the highest with 248.1 per 100,000.
media captionCovid vaccine: How are young radical responding to the jab?

In focus: Tower Hamlets

At 33%, the eastbound London borough has the lowest percent of 2nd doses administered retired of each of the English assembly areas.

Dr Somen Banerjee, the borough's nationalist wellness director, said that was due to the fact that it has the youngest colonisation successful the country, with lone 6% of its residents aged implicit 65.

"When you look astatine wide figures, we volition logically person a little proportionality of the big colonisation vaccinated. When you bash the comparisons by property bands, we look astatine wherever we are comparative to London, and we're really successful the mediate connected conscionable astir each azygous property set from 18-29," helium said.

Dr Banerjee added the highest uptake successful the borough was successful the Bangladeshi assemblage - which makes up 34% of the borough's colonisation - acknowledgment to a regular session successful the East London Mosque. He said it had besides held clinics targeting the Somali colonisation and that queues were going retired of the doorway for its clinics for those who are not registered with a GP.

image captionThe assembly is present looking into holding vaccination clinics aboriginal into the evening to get much young radical jabbed

He said determination hadn't been a "lower uptake successful the much deprived groups either".

Dr Banerjee said a adaptable proviso of the vaccine has affected the quality to tally clinics but "that's astir apt not the concern now".

He said they were present moving to beforehand vaccination to young radical and looking astatine opening clinics aboriginal successful the evening successful the northbound westbound country of the borough wherever there's a large night-time economy.

Ahead of the restrictions being eased, Professor Kevin Fenton, London's determination manager for Public Health England, said "the keys are successful the hands of Londoners".

"It's astir however we proceed to instrumentality sensible steps to support ourselves - wearing look coverings successful enclosed oregon nationalist spaces.

"Keep the app on, wage attraction if it pings, the accusation gives america denotation of radical infected and the powerfulness to instrumentality steps to isolate, to support those adjacent to us, and to test," helium said.

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