Covid-19: Masks still expected to be worn indoors after 19 July - Zahawi

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By Hamish Mackay
BBC News

People successful England should inactive deterioration masks indoors adjacent if the Covid rules are lifted aboriginal this month, the vaccines curate has said.

The PM is owed to corroborate connected Monday whether astir of England's lockdown rules - including the ineligible request for masks - volition extremity connected 19 July.

But Nadim Zahawi said determination would inactive beryllium "an expectation" for radical to deterioration masks successful crowded indoor spaces.

Labour said it was "irresponsible" to assistance the ineligible request for masks.

The ineligible request to deterioration a look covering successful definite places is owed to remain, for the clip being, successful Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Speaking connected the BBC's Andrew Marr Show, Mr Zahawi said wearing masks "will assistance the full country".

He added the authorities wanted to accent some "both a idiosyncratic work and a firm responsibility" with regards to masks.

"The fortification of the vaccine programme has allowed america to cautiously determination to measurement 4 [of the lockdown easing], and the PM volition accidental much astir this [on Monday]," helium said.

"The guidelines volition beryllium precise wide connected things similar mask-wearing. There's an anticipation of radical to deterioration masks indoors, successful crowded places, connected nationalist transport."

Pressed connected whether this was a alteration successful stance, Mr Zahawi said: "We're moving from 'you must' to 'you are expected' to deterioration a disguise successful indoor spaces."

It comes aft Health Secretary Sajid Javid told the Sunday Telegraph anyone who would not deterioration a disguise successful an enclosed abstraction was "just being irresponsible".

But Labour's shadiness wellness caput Jonathan Ashworth said: "Given Sajid Javid present considers it irresponsible to not deterioration masks past it would beryllium arsenic irresponsible for his authorities to transportation connected with the program to assistance disguise requirements portion infections are heading to 100,000 a day."

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