Covid-19: Health Minister pushes for over 18s to get vaccinated

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image captionAll determination vaccination clinics successful NI are present accepting walk-ins with nary booking needed

Health Minister Robin Swann has asked friends and parents of young radical to promote those aged implicit 18 to get vaccinated against Covid-19.

Mr Swann said friends and parents tin play a cardinal relation successful ensuring much radical are protected against coronavirus.

All determination vaccination clinics successful NI are present accepting walk-ins without having made an appointment.

It applies to 2nd doses arsenic good arsenic archetypal doses, providing the required interval has passed since receiving a archetypal dose.

Anyone who has had a Pfizer vaccine six weeks agone oregon an AstraZeneca vaccine 8 weeks agone is eligible. Second doses cannot beryllium administered astatine a shorter clip interval.

The Department of Health said the existent surge successful Covid-19 cases successful Northern Ireland means "increased hazard for everyone".

They added that adjacent for radical who endure mild to mean symptoms, agelong Covid remains a threat.

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image captionHealth Minister Robin Swann said being "double jabbed" volition unfastened doors for radical with the likes of travel

The clinics are offering archetypal doses of the vaccine to anyone implicit 18.

Mr Swann said helium was not "asking for pester powerfulness oregon nagging" and appealed to those with friends and children successful the 18-plus property radical to "make an informed determination connected vaccination".

He asked friends and household to "sit down with them and person the conversation" to guarantee they are "fully alert of everything that's astatine stake".

"When young radical get the jab, they support themselves, their parents, their grandparents and each those who are adjacent to them," Mr Swann said.

"Each vaccination takes america a measurement person to normality."

'Open doors to travel'

He said being "double jabbed" volition unfastened doors for radical with the likes of question and the vaccine certification requirements for holidays abroad.

"My connection to young radical is: don't beryllium near down - don't beryllium near without the extortion and opportunities that getting treble jabbed brings."

About 50% of those aged 18 to 29 and two-thirds of 30 to 40-year-olds person had a archetypal dose.

About 95% of each those aged implicit 50 person had a archetypal dose of a Covid-19 vaccine.

Overall, astir 60% of adults successful Northern Ireland are afloat vaccinated with 2 doses.

Chief Medical Officer Professor Sir Michael McBride said radical nether 40 tin present person "a large accidental connected the aboriginal way of this epidemic".

He said if they "get the jab they volition prevention lives, support our wellness work and reclaim normality, portion protecting themselves and others".

"It's that simple, it's that easy."

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