Covid-19: GP appointments, and a last chance to find virus origins?

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Here are 5 things you request to cognize astir the coronavirus pandemic this Thursday morning. We'll person different update for you this evening.

1. Rescue program to boost face-to-face GP appointments

In a bid to summation face-to-face GP appointments, the government's unveiling a £250m wintertime rescue package. In the archetypal afloat period since restrictions were lifted lone 58% of patients were seen successful idiosyncratic - obscurity adjacent the pre-pandemic levels of 80%. To alteration this, the backing should let surgeries to enlistee other locum unit arsenic good arsenic physios and podiatrists. And to assistance much same-day appointments determination are plans to unbend societal distancing rules truthful much radical tin beryllium seen astatine signifier sites.

2. A past accidental to find Covid origins?

More than a year-and-a-half since Covid-19 was detected successful the Chinese metropolis of Wuhan, questions stay implicit its origins. The World Health Organization is creating a caller radical - the Scientific Advisory Group connected the Origins of Novel Pathogens (Sago) - to look into it and says it might beryllium the past accidental to find retired however it emerged. Its erstwhile probe was hampered by a deficiency of information and transparency from China and much enactment was needed to corroborate the microorganism had astir apt travel from bats.

Media caption, Covid-19 and Wuhan: Why don't we cognize more?

3. Lateral travel tests much close than archetypal thought

Lateral travel tests were criticised for being little close than lab-analysed PCR tests erstwhile they were introduced but a study's recovered they are precise bully astatine detecting Covid-19. University College London researchers accidental affirmative results should beryllium trusted and radical who get 1 should "stay astatine home", says Prof Irene Petersen, pb writer of the study.

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4. More restrictions easiness successful NI

Up to 30 radical from immoderate fig of households tin conscionable indoors astatine different homes and audiences successful indoor venues tin basal during performances arsenic portion the latest easing of restrictions successful Northern Ireland. It's taken a "determined and combined effort crossed nine to get america here", says First Minister Paul Givan.

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5. Modelling the magic of Harry Potter

Helen Ruddell's a Harry Potter superfan and she's been casting a spell implicit children successful her colony with a her exemplary creations. She started making miniature sets from the films astir the lad wizard portion isolating unsocial during lockdown. They soon became a deed with children erstwhile she displayed them successful her window. Take a look astatine her recreating the magic.

Media caption, Marshfield Harry Potter fan's models go a colony hit

And there's more...

So acold much than 2 cardinal radical person had their Covid booster jabs successful England but they volition lone beryllium offered to definite groups of radical - find retired if you're successful 1 of them.

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