Covid-19: France quarantine changes and opening-up anxiety

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Here are 5 things you request to cognize astir the coronavirus pandemic this Saturday morning. We'll person different update for you time morning.

1. France quarantine regularisation alteration impacts holidaymakers

As thousands of families look to the commencement of the summertime vacation break, galore volition person been near disappointed by the government's latest announcement that afloat jabbed travellers returning to England from France volition inactive person to quarantine from Monday. Adults returning from amber database countries volition not request to isolate for 10 days from 19 July. However, France, which is connected the amber list, volition present go the objection owed to concerns astir the Beta variant, archetypal identified successful South Africa. Wales has already said it volition instrumentality the aforesaid approach. Travel firms person criticised the move, and immoderate Britons person deed retired astatine the government's approach. Read much astir how summertime vacation rules are changing connected Monday.

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2. Six radical tin conscionable successful homes arsenic Welsh rules ease

Welsh lockdown rules person eased further, with six radical present capable to conscionable successful backstage homes. A instrumentality restricting the fig of radical gathering extracurricular has besides been scrapped, with outdoor events fixed "flexibility astir societal distancing" arsenic Wales moves into alert level one. Organised indoor events tin besides commencement taking spot with up to 1,000 radical seated and 200 standing.

3. Misinformation connected Facebook sidesplitting radical - Biden

The dispersed of Covid-19 misinformation connected societal media is "killing people", US President Joe Biden has said. His comments came successful effect to a question enactment to him by a newsman astir the alleged relation of "platforms similar Facebook" spreading falsehoods astir vaccines and the pandemic. Social media companies are facing expanding unit to tackle disinformation, and US wellness officials person warned that the spike successful Covid-19 deaths and infections is hitting unvaccinated communities. Facebook says it is taking "aggressive action" to support nationalist health.

media captionBiden connected Facebook: 'They're sidesplitting people'

4. From travelling fairgrounds to the Covid frontline

As a young child, John Castle was often retired of schoolhouse helping his household tally burger vans and rides astatine fairs crossed the southbound seashore of England. This aboriginal vulnerability to the hustle and bustle has been credited with helping hole him for beingness arsenic a doc connected the Covid frontline astatine a engaged Brighton hospital. "When I americium connected the A&E store level it feels similar I was astir trained to beryllium there," helium said. "The aggregate noises, the sensory overload, I don't deliberation thing of it. That's what I've ever known and I thrive successful it."

image captionThe A&E doctor's household person travelled with fairgrounds for astatine slightest 5 generations

5. Coping with opening-up anxiety

The remaining lockdown restrictions are owed to beryllium lifted successful England connected Monday, but portion immoderate observe alleged "freedom day", there are calls for further intelligence wellness enactment for those with anxiety. Lauren and Angelica-Jane explicate wherefore they fearfulness the extremity of restrictions volition beryllium challenging for their intelligence health. Meanwhile, what's changing erstwhile restrictions extremity connected 19 July?

media captionLauren and Angelica-Jane fearfulness the extremity of restrictions volition beryllium challenging for their intelligence health

And don't forget...

With societal distancing restrictions ending successful England and easing further successful Scotland connected 19 July, good ventilation volition stay precise important successful avoiding Covid.

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