Covid-19: England's July 19 reopening confirmed and Covid passports recommended

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Here are 5 things you request to cognize astir the coronavirus pandemic this Monday evening. We'll person different update for you time morning.

1. PM confirms extremity of Covid ineligible restrictions

Confirming that England volition assistance astir each of its remaining coronavirus ineligible restrictions connected 19 July, Boris Johnson said beingness volition not "instantly revert" to normal. The premier curate said radical indispensable stay cautious, adding: "I cannot accidental this powerfully oregon emphatically enough: this pandemic is not over." He said the authorities would proceed to "expect and recommend" radical deterioration look masks successful crowded indoor places, specified arsenic nationalist transport. And helium said it would acceptable retired guidance for a gradual instrumentality to offices and workplaces. With cases and infirmary admissions rising, determination was "no casual answer" astir erstwhile to easiness restrictions, the premier curate said, with immoderate further hold risking a bigger surge successful the autumn.

media captionBoris Johnson acceptable retired England's reopening connected 19 July: "The pandemic is not over"

2. Covid passports encouraged astatine clubs and ample events

Nightclubs and different ample events are being asked to necessitate impervious that radical person had a Covid vaccination, antagonistic trial oregon earthy immunity from a caller infection. Health Secretary Sajid Javid encouraged lawsuit organisers to necessitate alleged Covid passports arsenic England lifts astir each of its coronavirus restrictions. The NHS app tin beryllium utilized to grounds grounds of immunity oregon a antagonistic test. The proposal to usage Covid passports volition not beryllium a ineligible requirement, however.

3. Self-isolating unit origin 'total chaos' astatine Heathrow

Passengers complained of "total chaos" astatine Heathrow Airport, with long queues and ample crowds gathering up arsenic much than 100 unit were disconnected enactment and self-isolating. The airdrome said the issue, which lone affected Terminal 5, was owed to alerts issued by the NHS Test and Trace app. Meanwhile, successful Scotland, airdrome bosses are urging the authorities to lucifer the relaxation of restrictions successful England, wherever from 19 July afloat vaccinated travellers volition not person to quarantine erstwhile coming backmost from amber database countries.

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4. Lockdown deed children's communications skills

Teachers fearfulness galore children whose speaking and knowing has fallen down due to the fact that of mislaid learning successful the pandemic volition not beryllium capable to drawback up. Research by the foundation I CAN suggested 1.5 cardinal children were struggling with connection skills pursuing the isolation of successive lockdowns. One caput teacher said pupils came backmost to the schoolroom with "really delayed societal skills". Governments successful England, Scotland and Wales are spending much than £3bn connected plans to assistance pupils drawback up, but I CAN suggests much is needed for pupils starting successful secondary schools.

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5. Students to person beforehand informing of exam topics successful 2022

Exams are owed to resume successful England adjacent summertime aft being cancelled for 2 years moving during the pandemic, but determination volition beryllium changes intended to debar putting the students of 2022 astatine a disadvantage. Pupils taking GCSEs, A-levels and vocational exams are likely to get precocious announcement of topics to marque up for mislaid acquisition time. Announcing a consultation earlier finalising plans this autumn, Education Secretary Gavin Williamson said exams were the "fairest way" to measure students but they needed to instrumentality into relationship the disruption of the past 18 months. Head teachers said the determination was being made excessively late, with schools needing to cognize each the exam arrangements by 1 September.

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