Covid-19: Close-contact pupils 'should not be sent home from school'

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By Robbie Meredith
BBC News NI Education Correspondent

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image captionEducation officials acknowledged the "different approach" whitethorn origin "anxiety among the schoolhouse community"

Schools should not nonstop pupils location arsenic adjacent contacts oregon inquire them to self-isolate.

That is according to written guidance to principals from the Department of Education (DE).

The section said schools should not place adjacent contacts unless asked to bash truthful by the Public Health Agency (PHA).

The determination brings Northern Ireland into enactment with the attack taken by nationalist wellness authorities successful England, Scotland and Wales.

May origin 'anxiety'

The bulk of the work for identifying adjacent contacts successful schools until Friday had been with schoolhouse leaders.

In their missive to principals, the section said the "new, much focused attack to interaction tracing successful schools means fewer, and successful galore cases no, adjacent contacts volition beryllium identified successful the case's class".

The section acknowledged this "different approach" whitethorn origin "anxiety among the schoolhouse community".

But they said the "previous attack resulted successful galore pupil adjacent contacts self-isolating unnecessarily and is truthful nary longer justifiable".

The section said 88.9% of pupils were successful schoolhouse during the week from 6 September to 10 September.

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image captionHundreds of pupils spent past week region learning successful self-isolation astatine home

In their guidance to principals, the section said the PHA's interaction tracing would "reduce the imaginable for ample numbers of pupils being required to self-isolate".

They besides wrote that it would "reduce the magnitude of clip spent by schools connected interaction tracing, portion inactive helping to support pupils and staff".

The section said the interaction tracing work whitethorn interaction schools if they had trouble identifying adjacent contacts with parents and children.

They besides said that successful immoderate cases schools would beryllium notified of a affirmative lawsuit earlier the PHA had contacted the household involved.

However, that was due to the fact that it could instrumentality until the adjacent time for the interaction tracing work to person accusation astir a affirmative PCR trial result.

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