Covid-19: Cheaper travel tests to start on 24 October

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By Joseph Lee
BBC News

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New rules allowing travellers returning to England to instrumentality lateral travel tests alternatively of much costly PCR tests volition travel into unit connected 24 October.

The authorities says the changes volition instrumentality effect successful clip for families returning from fractional word breaks.

Fully vaccinated passengers volition beryllium told to upload photos of their Covid-19 tests for verification.

Transport Secretary Grant Shapps said it would marque question easier and simpler.

The question manufacture had said it was captious to marque the changes to the Covid question tests successful clip for the fractional word holiday.

Tim Alderslade, main enforcement of Airlines UK, said: "This is large quality and we're pleased to get it implicit the enactment successful clip for the important fractional word period, which volition beryllium a monolithic alleviation to families hopeless to get distant this autumn."

Along with past week's simplification of the question reddish database and the designation of vaccinations administered successful much overseas countries, the alteration is "a large measurement guardant that volition enactment the desperately needed betterment of our sector," helium said.

The changes travel arsenic the UK continues to grounds the highest level of Covid-19 infections and deaths successful occidental Europe, with different 45,066 cases recorded connected Thursday - the largest fig since precocious July.

A further 157 deaths were besides recorded.

Policy connected question is devolved, but Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland person antecedently aligned with argumentation successful England, citing the practicalities of the shared border.

But Wales criticised replacing PCR tests, which are often described arsenic the golden modular for Covid testing, with lateral travel tests, saying that on with different relaxed measures it would "considerably increase" the hazard of caller variants coming into the country.

Under the existing system, PCR tests taken connected time 2 aft returning to England tin outgo astir £75 per person.

When the changes travel into effect, anyone who receives a affirmative effect from their lateral travel trial volition beryllium required to self-isolate and to instrumentality a escaped PCR trial to corroborate it.

Travellers volition beryllium capable to bid their lateral travel tests from 22 October, erstwhile a database of approved providers volition beryllium published connected the website.

NHS Test and Trace tests - which tin beryllium ordered for escaped - cannot beryllium utilized for planetary travel, the authorities said.

Health Secretary Sajid Javid said: "We privation to marque going overseas easier and cheaper, whether you're travelling for enactment oregon visiting friends and family."

He said the alteration was made imaginable by the precocious levels of vaccination, which means "we tin safely unfastened up question arsenic we larn to unrecorded with the virus".

Mr Shapps said: "Taking distant costly mandatory PCR investigating volition boost the question manufacture and is simply a large measurement guardant successful normalising planetary question and encouraging radical to publication holidays with confidence."

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