Covid-19: Amber list quarantine for fully vaccinated to end on 19 July

2 months ago 14

Fully vaccinated UK residents arriving successful England from amber question database destinations volition nary longer person to quarantine from 19 July.

They will, however, inactive request to wage for PCR tests earlier and aft their return, the transport caput said.

Grant Shapps told MPs that under-18s returning from amber database places would besides beryllium exempt from quarantine.

Currently, anyone returning from amber oregon reddish database countries indispensable isolate for 10 days, careless of vaccine status.

"To beryllium clear, a afloat vaccination means 14 days person past since your last dose of the vaccine," Mr Shapps said.

The UK government's postulation airy strategy for question applies to England, with Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland capable to marque their ain rules.

However, the rules are broadly the aforesaid and erstwhile changes to the lists person been adopted by each 4 nations.

Fewer than 30 destinations are connected the greenish database - meaning travellers bash not person to self-isolate erstwhile they get backmost to the UK but they bash person to wage for Covid tests.

More than 50 countries are connected the strictest reddish list, which requires arrivals to wage to self-isolate successful a edifice for 10 days.

But astir places - including respective vacation hotspots specified arsenic mainland Spain, Greece and the US - are connected the amber list, which - astatine contiguous - requires radical to quarantine for 10 days and wage for tests.

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