Could Leicestershire lose its July holiday fortnight?

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By Jennifer Harby
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image copyrightAlasdair Walker

image captionThe Walker household emotion breaking up for summertime earlier astir English schools

Families who bask England's earliest commencement to the schoolhouse holidays mightiness find the statement is astir to change. Many section authority-run schools successful Leicester and Leicestershire broke up this week. But a assembly consultation could spot the holidays aligned much intimately with the remainder of the country. BBC News talks to families astir the pros and cons of the aboriginal getaway.

'It's fantastic'

image copyrightAlasdair Walker

image captionThe household accidental they would beryllium atrocious if the existent schoolhouse holidays were moved

Alasdair Walker and his woman Melissa accidental they emotion Leicestershire's aboriginal commencement to summer.

The mates person 2 children, 1 of whom is astatine superior school.

Mr Walker, a chartered fiscal planner, described the schoolhouse vacation arrangements arsenic "fantastic".

image copyrightAlasdair Walker

image captionThe household accidental the aboriginal schoolhouse holidays springiness them greater state to question with their 2 children

"It wasn't the crushed we moved to Leicestershire but it's decidedly a fringe payment we discovered," helium said.

The family, from Barrow upon Soar, person recovered holidays booked somewhat earlier than the main summertime play are mostly a small cheaper.

Mr Walker said they were owed to spell to a vacation tract adjacent week wherever the aboriginal July prices were astir 60% of the August charges.

"There are large terms increases astir the modular schoolhouse holidays," helium said.

"That's however these places marque their money.

"But I deliberation there's thing to beryllium said not conscionable for the saving, but besides successful presumption of giving radical the quality to get astir the state without the roads getting jammed up."

image copyrightAlasdair Walker

image captionThe household accidental they conscionable different Leicestershire families during the accepted "July fortnight"

Mr Walker said portion the coronavirus pandemic had not been the perfect clip to instrumentality vantage of the region's quirky vacation dates, they had demonstrated however utile they could be.

"The pandemic hasn't been the champion twelvemonth to acquisition booking a vacation successful general," helium said.

"But past outpouring and summer, erstwhile overseas holidays were cancelled, we were capable to publication an autumn half-term vacation a week earlier than galore of the remainder of England's schools."

He added helium wished specified flexibility was disposable to families crossed the country.

image copyrightAlasdair Walker

image captionThe household would similar to spot English regions person the quality to acceptable their ain schoolhouse holidays

"I deliberation the authorities should springiness idiosyncratic authorities the accidental to acceptable their ain word times," helium said.

"There are ever going to beryllium cases wherever having antithetic vacation dates doesn't enactment for everyone. But certainly, among the families we know, the aboriginal holidays work.

"One bully side-effect is that erstwhile you are capable to spell abroad, it's mostly conscionable families from Leicestershire and Scotland - who besides decorativeness early.

"We went connected a vacation to Bluestone, successful Wales, past twelvemonth and it was similar a mini Leicestershire."

'It's precise confusing'

image copyrightKitty Battams

image captionKitty Battams and her household person precocious moved to Leicestershire and person recovered the word times confusing

Kitty and Ollie Battams moved to Leicestershire from West Sussex successful February but accidental the earlier word times took them by surprise.

"We person recovered the schoolhouse holidays precise confusing," said Mrs Battams, whose four-year-old lad volition beryllium starting schoolhouse successful August.

"We support telling radical our lad is starting schoolhouse successful September, and past we person to close ourselves.

"They adjacent commencement backmost earlier the August Bank Holiday.

"I retrieve arsenic a kid I loved having that agelong play earlier you started backmost astatine school."

Mrs Battams, who lives adjacent Melton Mowbray, has besides recovered it hard to co-ordinate their calendar with friends elsewhere successful the country.

"One of my friends is simply a teacher successful different portion of England and is owed to get joined successful the October fractional term," she said.

"But erstwhile I looked astatine the dates to publication immoderate leave, I realised our lad volition inactive beryllium astatine schoolhouse that week."

Despite the confusion, the household accidental they are not rushing into judgements astir the earlier schoolhouse breaks.

"Obviously we're trying to enactment retired what that means successful presumption of the remainder of the twelvemonth and what you summation from it," said Mrs Battams.

"People person suggested the aboriginal commencement makes things little engaged and little costly but immoderate of the backstage schools volition beryllium disconnected past anyhow and schools successful Scotland are off, truthful it's not similar the question companies haven't wised up to that.

"I haven't really voted yet successful the council's consultation due to the fact that I don't cognize however overmuch it volition impact america until we person experienced it."

Why truthful early?

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image captionThe accepted "July fortnight" came astir arsenic a effect of a ballot among mill workers
  • Leicester and Leicestershire's "July fortnight" was calved successful the 1960s, acknowledgment to a ballot held among the region's workers.
  • The thought was that each country of the Midlands would caput to fashionable section seaside resorts - specified arsenic Skegness, successful Lincolnshire - astatine antithetic times, preventing overcrowding.
  • Both metropolis and region assembly are present consulting families connected 3 options: they tin support the aforesaid arrangement, they tin change their autumn and outpouring fractional presumption to tally astatine akin times to different authorities oregon they tin decorativeness their summertime vacation a week earlier different schools successful England interruption up and person a shorter Easter interruption and a two-week autumn half-term. The consultation is owed to tally until 18 July and the results volition beryllium made known successful the autumn.

Source: Leicestershire County Council

Deborah Taylor, furniture subordinate for children and families astatine the region council, said: "We consciousness it is important radical are fixed the accidental to person their accidental and stock their thoughts earlier we spell up and acceptable aboriginal [term] dates.

"This consultation volition assistance america gauge opinion, springiness america an accidental to cheque if the patterns we person are moving and spot if determination is simply a tendency to support them oregon realign them."

Elly Cutkelvin, adjunct politician for acquisition successful Leicester, said: "We cognize tons of radical volition person a presumption connected however holidays and word times should beryllium set."

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