Coronavirus: Robin Swann concerned by rise in Covid-19 cases

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By Lesley-Anne McKeown

The fig of caller Covid cases reported successful Northern Ireland is "concerning", Health Minister Robin Swann has said.

It is the highest fig that has been recorded since the highest of cases successful January.

But authoritative statistic from the Department of Health amusement determination person been nary Covid-related deaths during the aforesaid clip frame.

There are 80 patients being treated for coronavirus successful hospitals and 2 radical are successful intensive care.

The highest incidence complaint is successful the Derry City and Strabane District assembly area, with 372 affirmative cases per 100,000.

But determination has besides been a steep summation successful the Belfast City Council country - up from 79 per 100,000 a fortnight agone to 320 per 100,000.

Almost three-quarters of the affirmative cases crossed Northern Ireland are successful radical aged 39 oregon younger.

Mr Swann said: "We person seen the numbers ascent successful caller weeks but today's spike successful cases is origin for concern.

"We request everyone to play their portion successful helping to halt the dispersed of the virus.

"Unfortunately, we are seeing an summation successful cases successful the younger property radical truthful I would marque a peculiar entreaty to this radical to get vaccinated.

"Covid-19 has near galore with debilitating semipermanent wellness issues - don't enactment yourself astatine risk, get the vaccine."

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image captionRobin Swann said helium was acrophobic by the emergence successful affirmative cases

Dr Brendan Lavery, an exigency section advisor with the Western Health and Social Care Trust, said hospitals could beryllium faced with immoderate hard choices if the numbers continued to rise.

He told BBC News NI: "It volition beryllium precise hard to proceed to supply afloat elective care, particularly with the precise precocious incidents that we person astatine the infinitesimal successful the Derry and Strabane district.

"We person really paused visiting successful Altnagelvin and Waterside Hospital sites for a abbreviated play of time.

"We truly person rather a ample fig of the colonisation that are investigating affirmative with Covid illness successful the Derry and Strabane area."

The latest figures travel arsenic hospitals and GPs respond to rising numbers of respiratory illnesses not usually seen astatine this clip of year.

Among the astir prevalent are cases of croup and bronchiolitis, particularly successful children and younger people.

image captionDr Brendan Lavery said hospitals could look "difficult choices"

A spokeswoman for the South Eastern Trust said: "We are seeing a emergence successful children's respiratory unwellness that we wouldn't needfully expect astatine this clip of year.

"Generally croup does not necessitate admittance to infirmary and tin beryllium successfully managed successful ED oregon astatine home."

The Belfast Trust said: "The ED astatine the Royal Victoria Hospital is presently experiencing an summation successful attendances associated with the accustomed wintertime illnesses.

"This is linked to the information that children person not been mixing socially and truthful has resulted successful the accustomed wintertime illnesses with associated respiratory symptoms and pyrexia occurring during the summertime months."

'Big concern'

Meanwhile, Dr Paul Molloy, a GP astatine a ample signifier successful Londonderry, said: "The large interest coming into the autumn play would beryllium evidently that with radical mixing again that not lone would determination beryllium Covid but there'd beryllium different things, similar flu and things similar croup and bronchiolitis successful kids that we possibly didn't spot arsenic overmuch of past year.

"Obviously everything similar flu oregon Covid puts unit connected the NHS but I deliberation we are good acceptable up to negociate immoderate question that comes along."

Dr Molloy, who besides works successful Derry's Covid centre, said helium was seeing a younger radical presenting with Covid symptoms.

"It's inevitable that erstwhile we get backmost unneurotic and commencement mixing again that the different illnesses that are successful the assemblage volition summation again.

"But the measures of stopping those them are beauteous overmuch the aforesaid arsenic we were doing for Covid - washing your hands, wearing a disguise and being careful."

Medics person urged anyone with flu-like symptoms to enactment astatine location and publication a PCR Covid test.

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