Controversial NRL star calls it quits

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Former Dragons, Eels and Broncos prima Corey Norman has announced his status from rugby league, saying helium nary longer has the tendency to play professionally contempt being linked to a fig of clubs.

Norman was fto spell by St George-Illawarra past play and was considering playing connected but opted against it aft 228 games and 1 State of Origin for Queensland.

He was linked with the Knights and the Super League, but yet decided it was clip to commencement the adjacent section of his nonrecreational life.

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"Yeah I was conscionable similar nah I'm not adjacent keen to play anymore hey," Norman told yktr.sports.

"I was conscionable implicit it truthful I thought conscionable telephone it a day.

"It was bully bro, it was mad.

Corey Norman started his vocation astatine the Broncos. (Getty)

"Best rollercoaster ever. 11 years ups and downs, the boys. The memories.

"Almost 250 games. 250 of the best.

"I'm conscionable a knockabout bloke from Queensland."

Norman had respective arguable episodes during his vocation and the Dragons decided not to renew his $800,000 declaration aft a driblet successful signifier successful his last 2 years astatine the club.

The 30-year-old said helium could person continued playing but decided against it.

"It was bully though similar it is what it is," Norman said.

"Everything has to travel to an end."

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