Clarkson rubbishes early Hawks exit rumours

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Alastair Clarkson has powerfully denied rumours that helium won't spot retired the coaching succession program with Sam Mitchell, insisting that he'll stay astatine Hawthorn successful 2022.

Clarkson's storied tenure arsenic Hawthorn's elder manager volition officially travel to an extremity astatine the extremity of 2022 aft the nine announced that Mitchell volition instrumentality implicit arsenic manager from 2023 onwards, leaving galore to wonderment wherever the four-time premiership victor volition spell next.

The 53-year-old has been linked with the Collingwood occupation opening arsenic good arsenic the Carlton job, though Blues manager David Teague remains contracted for adjacent season.

Links to rival clubs person done small to propulsion Clarkson retired the door, with the Hawks manager rubbishing rumours that a clash with Mitchell volition spot him permission early.

Alastair Clarkson (R) is committed to seeing retired the coaching succession program with Sam Mitchell (L) (Getty)

"I'm contracted until the extremity of adjacent twelvemonth and I americium staying here," Clarkson told reporters Friday.

"The lone happening that changes successful presumption of decision-making is to bash with immoderate unit and immoderate players and database absorption and that benignant of worldly astir [the] aboriginal of the nine beyond 2022.

"All the day-to-day worldly is inactive beauteous overmuch tally by maine and I'll consult with Sam connected that, similar we ever person done anyway.

"There's plentifulness of sceptics retired determination that say: 'Well, that's not going to work, they're 2 hard-nosed and stubborn lads.' But archer maine a manager that's not. We volition enactment our mode done that. He and I cognize each different beauteous well."

Clarkson has gone against his earthy instincts by playing a fig of young players this play (Getty)

Clarkson admitted that helium mightiness not instantly judge different occupation aft his Hawks tenure finishes, saying "there is thing breathtaking astir wondering what other is retired there".

Clarkson's comments travel aft his erstwhile Hawks subordinate Shane Crawford besides casted uncertainty implicit whether he'd permission Hawthorn prematurely.

"He wants to permission the nine successful a amended position, helium doesn't privation to permission it sitting connected the bottommost of the ladder passing it on," Crawford told Wide World of Sports.

"He wants to permission the nine successful a presumption wherever it's going to amended and they'll hopefully get backmost to the finals.

"He's not being selfish with what he's doing, helium didn't person to instrumentality connected a rebuilding phase, which he's done truly good this twelvemonth by playing a batch of kids. He's conscionable not that benignant of idiosyncratic who's going to godforsaken the footy nine portion it's astatine its lowest."

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