Church of England criticised over suicide of falsely accused priest

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image captionFr Alan Griffin antecedently tried to instrumentality his ain beingness aft discovering helium was HIV+, the coroner wrote

The Church of England has been heavy criticised aft a clergyman took his ain beingness owed to a mishandled probe into mendacious kid maltreatment allegations.

Father Alan Griffin died successful November 2020 having spent a twelvemonth nether probe without ever having the allegations acceptable retired to him.

Coroner Mary Hassell said the claims were "supported by nary complainant, nary witnesser and nary accuser".

She told the Archbishop of Canterbury of "failings which had travel to light".

The Church of England has been approached for a comment.

Ms Hassell wrote successful a Prevention of Future Deaths study pursuing an inquest into Fr Griffin's death.

The coroner, who recorded the decease arsenic a suicide, said Fr Griffin, from Wapping, eastbound London, was an HIV+ cheery clergyman who was recovered dormant successful his location connected 8 November 2020.

"He killed himself due to the fact that helium could not header with an probe into his conduct, the item of and the root for which helium had ne'er been told," Ms Hassell wrote.

image captionArchbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby has been sent a elaborate study by the coroner

Fr Griffin aboriginal converted to Roman Catholicism and successful June 2020 the Catholic safeguarding squad met with the 78-year-old to sermon a inheritance check.

Ms Hassell wrote: "The Church of England had passed a short, written summary of allegations that contained inaccuracies and omitted notation of Fr Griffin's earlier termination effort connected learning of his HIV status.

"Father Griffin did not maltreatment children. He did not person enactment with young radical nether the property of 18. He did not sojourn prostitutes. He did not endanger the lives of others by having enactment with radical whilst an HIV risk.

"There was nary grounds that helium did immoderate of these things."

'Entirely nebulous'

The probe into Fr Griffin began due to the fact that an authoritative successful the Anglican Diocese of London was retiring successful 2019, the study said.

He suggested to his archdeacon that helium undertake a "brain dump" of accusation helium had acquired implicit the preceding 2 decades.

Ms Hassell said: "This ranged from descriptions of past convictions that had been dealt with and recorded, done to existent safeguarding concerns that mightiness oregon mightiness not person been acted upon, to what witnesses described arsenic gossip.

"These 42 entries were not accompanied by signed statements mounting retired chiseled allegations.

"The root of the accusation successful the entries was successful places evident and factual, but successful places wholly nebulous."

The coroner addressed galore concerns successful her study which she sent to Justin Welby.

She told the Archbishop of Canterbury of the "breadth of the systemic and idiosyncratic failings that person travel to airy during the people of this inquest".

Ms Hassell wrote: "It is often the lawsuit that organisations person already themselves recognised their errors and person undertaken meaningful attempts astatine betterment by the clip of the inquest.

"This was not the lawsuit here."

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