Canada coach fired for extraordinary outburst

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Rugby Canada has fired the caput of its nationalist improvement programme for a drawstring of "unacceptable" societal media posts that enactment the country's women's sevens squad publically connected blast.

The determination to sack Jamie Cudmore was made aft helium was outed by sevens seasoned Charity Williams who shared a screengrab of respective tweets sent from Cudore's relationship aft the women's squad missed the 4th finals astatine the Tokyo Olympics.


One of the since-deleted tweets from Cudmore's relationship work "Karma is simply a bitch! #Survivorsmyass." Rugby Canada confirmed the tweet came from Cudmore's account.

Former Canada rugby skipper Jamie Cudmore. (Getty)

"We are taking this substance precise earnestly and concluded that contiguous enactment indispensable beryllium taken," Rugby Canada CEO Allen Vansen said successful a statement. Cudmore was besides relieved of his coaching duties with the men's 15s team.

"Rugby Canada's halfway values, including integrity and respect, indispensable beryllium exemplified successful each our rugby programs and we are determined to beforehand a healthy, inclusive civilization present and successful future," Sally Dennis, the seat of Rugby Canada's board, said successful the statement.

Cudmore apologised for his comments.

"I've ever played/coached with my bosom connected my sleeve for this large country. I'm atrocious if I've offended anyone," helium tweeted.

Williams began her station outing Cudmore by expressing pridefulness successful her team.

"What we accomplished this twelvemonth is acold greater than 1 weekend," Williams wrote connected Instagram.

"But alternatively I person to beryllium here, erstwhile again, and stock what we've been going done arsenic a team. The accordant hatred we person received from radical successful our ain organisation.

"I'm lone sharing due to the fact that this is what we person been dealing with for months.

"From backstage texts, to nationalist stalking online and successful person. The bullying and harassment that we person received for coming guardant is outrageous and scary astatine times. This is the crushed we called for an interior probe due to the fact that we haven't been safe."

Cudmore's sacking came conscionable months aft an autarkic reappraisal was completed into Canada's rugby programme to code a ailment filed by 37 existent and erstwhile squad members that shed airy connected a toxic culture.

Canada's women's rugby sevens squad astatine the Tokyo Olympics. (Getty)

However the reappraisal concluded that the behaviour described by the athletes did not autumn wrong Rugby Canada's policy's explanation of harassment oregon bullying.

Head manager John Tait subsequently stepped down, portion maintaining helium had done thing wrong.

In a connection released connected April 28, the players said their ailment "explained the intelligence abuse, harassment and/or bullying these athletes consciousness they were subjected to successful the centralized grooming environment."

In the aftermath of the investigation, the players said they had been fto down by Rugby Canada's harassment and bullying policy. The argumentation has since been updated and replaced.

In Williams' Instagram station she besides thanked those who had supported the squad done a hard period.

"We person heard you and we emotion you. We don't regret a azygous infinitesimal and the team's heads are each held precocious close now," Williams wrote.

Captain Ghislaine Landry besides took to societal media from Tokyo.

"We ever knew this was astir much than rugby, astir much than 1 tournament, adjacent if it's the Olympics," Landry wrote. "We knew the past 9 months mightiness enactment our Olympic imagination successful jeopardy, we had that treatment arsenic a group, and inactive the determination was clear. We were acceptable to enactment our dreams astatine hazard for change.

"This has not been a distraction but it has taken a toll connected us. And so, portion we are heartbroken not to person been capable to play our best, we are arrogant and united."

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