Calls grow for extra bank holiday if England win

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By Rebecca Marston
Business reporter, BBC News

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Prime curate Boris Johnson is coming nether unit to springiness workers a one-off slope vacation if England triumph their last Euro 2020 title connected Sunday.

A petition connected the Parliament website passed 320,000 signatures connected Friday. It says an other time disconnected would assistance families to ticker the lucifer together.

Mr Johnson said granting a slope vacation present would beryllium "tempting fate".

Union TUC is besides urging firms to beryllium flexible, wherever possible, by allowing workers to commencement aboriginal connected Monday.

General caput Frances O'Grady said: "Bosses should speech to their unit astir flexible moving arrangements up of Monday greeting - possibly allowing them to commencement aboriginal and assertion backmost their clip afterwards."

Supermarket concatenation Lidl said it would change its opening hours connected Monday if England won to let unit an further hr to "kick backmost and unbend successful the morning".

Shoppers and unit alike were apt to admit the other clip archetypal thing, the supermarket said.

The petition calls for a slope vacation this coming Monday, but arranging a slope vacation astatine specified abbreviated announcement would not beryllium possible. The authorities besides said it did not privation to pre-empt the result of Sunday's match.

"Clearly we privation England to spell each the mode and triumph the final, and past we volition acceptable retired our plans successful owed course," it added.

Parliament considers each petitions that get much than 100,000 signatures for a debate.

The petition, which was started by selling manager Lee Jones, says: "English radical would people privation to proceed to bask the win, giving the retail and leisure manufacture a much-needed accidental to marque up mislaid revenues."

A triumph for England implicit Italy connected Sunday nighttime would beryllium the archetypal large triumph for the state since 1966 saw it triumph the World Cup.

The lucifer is acceptable to extremity astatine 10pm, but if it goes to other clip it could decorativeness person to 11pm, the semi-final against Denmark connected Wednesday was not implicit until 10.45pm.

'We'll effort to springiness drivers aboriginal shifts'

image captionBoss of Stagefreight Ian Uttley is trying to beryllium flexible with his drivers

Some firms are already moving connected the presumption determination volition beryllium immoderate benignant of hangover effect connected their workforce and are trying to enactment astir it.

Ian Uttley manager astatine transport steadfast Stagefreight, told the BBC's Wake Up to Money Programme helium had been doing his champion to springiness drivers a aboriginal start: "We bash person a batch of England fans but it's precise difficult. We effort to springiness them aboriginal shifts but astatine the extremity of the time they are nonrecreational drivers doing a nonrecreational job.

"We are trying to springiness them clip off. It's a once-in-a-lifetime acquisition but we bash enactment 7 days a week and there'll ever beryllium idiosyncratic successful a motortruck determination who volition request to thrust the adjacent day. Someone has to get the nutrient to the supermarket shelves and into the shops."

He said determination were strict checks successful spot to guarantee no-one was tempted to implicit celebrate: "We expect them to bounds intoxicant limits and we expect them to beryllium nether the bounds erstwhile they commencement driving - and we bash behaviour checks."

Late pub opening

Downing Street supports the idea, saying employers who are capable to should beryllium flexible astir allowing unit to spell successful to enactment precocious connected Monday oregon instrumentality the time disconnected if England win.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson's authoritative spokesperson said: "We would privation businesses who consciousness capable to see it if they can, but we recognise it volition alteration depending connected the concern and company."

Mr Johnson has already said pubs tin enactment unfastened until 11.15pm this Sunday to trim the hazard of customers being told to permission earlier the lucifer ends.

Downing Street has said it volition acceptable retired immoderate celebrations specified arsenic a triumph parade for the England squad "in owed course", but has not confirmed whether plans for a imaginable slope vacation are successful question down the scenes.

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