British Grand Prix: Lewis Hamilton overcomes time penalty to claim famous win

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Lewis Hamilton fought backmost from a 10-second punishment for a clang with rubric rival Max Verstappen to walk Ferrari's Charles Leclerc for a melodramatic triumph successful the British Grand Prix.

Hamilton was blamed for a collision with Verstappen's Red Bull astatine Copse country connected the archetypal thigh of the race, which led to the Dutchman crashing out.

Verstappen, 23, was taken to infirmary for precautionary tests aft the mishap portion Hamilton acceptable astir trying to triumph the race.

The Grand Prix was stopped aft the incidental with Leclerc successful the pb from Hamilton and the Ferrari operator held that presumption until 2 laps from the end, erstwhile the Mercedes operator passed him, ironically, astatine the aforesaid country astatine which helium had crashed with Verstappen.

The arguable win, successful beforehand of a assemblage of 140,0000, was Hamilton's eighth successful the British Grand Prix and cuts Verstappen's title pb to 8 points aft a contention that volition spell down successful the annals of F1 history.

What happened successful the crash?

The infinitesimal galore had considered to beryllium inevitable astatine immoderate constituent successful this titanic conflict betwixt Verstappen and Hamilton happened aft an aggravated scrap betwixt the rubric rivals connected the archetypal lap.

Hamilton, starting 2nd aft Verstappen's triumph successful F1's maiden 'sprint' contention connected Saturday, got distant amended from the grid and was alongside Verstappen into the archetypal corner, but the Red Bull operator held him off.

Hamilton nosed up into the Brooklands country astatine the extremity of the Wellington straight, but again Verstappen held him off.

Heading down into the 190mph Copse corner, Hamilton dummied Verstappen, feinting to the extracurricular and past diving for the wrong into the corner.

Hamilton had much than fractional his car alongside Verstappen arsenic they began to crook in, but backed disconnected somewhat arsenic helium saw Verstappen was going to beryllium it retired astir the extracurricular and the Red Bull edged backmost ahead.

Hamilton was a small wide of the apex and his beforehand near instrumentality made interaction with Verstappen's close rear successful the mediate of the corner, and the interaction sent Verstappen flying into the barriers connected the outside.

He climbed retired of the car and was walking astir earlier being taken to the circuit aesculapian centre for mandatory checks aft specified a dense interaction - squad brag Christian Horner said it measured 51G.

And aboriginal helium was taken to a section infirmary for what Red Bull described arsenic "further precautionary tests".

What happened successful the race?

Lewis HamiltonHamilton's thrust delighted a capableness 140,000 assemblage amid temperatures of astir 30C

Leclerc, who had passed Hamilton's team-mate Valtteri Bottas disconnected the line, took the pb retired of Copse successful the aftermath of the incidental and started the re-started contention from rod position.

The Ferrari showed beardown gait successful the archetypal stint and Hamilton was not capable to situation Leclerc, who was 2.3 seconds up erstwhile Hamilton made his pit halt to service his punishment and alteration tyres connected thigh 27, dropping down Bottas and McLaren's Lando Norris.

Hamilton passed Norris connected thigh 31 into Copse, and past closed connected Bottas, who was ordered to fto Hamilton by connected thigh 40.

Hamilton past had 12 laps to adjacent an eight-second spread to Leclerc and walk the Ferrari for the lead.

On the ground of Leclerc's gait successful the archetypal stint, it looked a gangly order, but Hamilton was soon lapping a 2nd a thigh quicker than Leclerc and helium was connected the Ferrari's process with 3 laps to go.

He went for the wrong astatine Copse successful a precise akin determination to the 1 that led to the Verstappen incident. But Hamilton was much cautious, backing disconnected a small more, and past Leclerc ran wide connected the exit of the country allowing Hamilton to expanse by to widen his grounds of British Grand Prix wins to eight.

And what of the rest?

Leclerc was 2nd aft a superb thrust by the Ferrari man, admitting that helium was "so disappointed" to travel truthful adjacent to a triumph contempt scoring his archetypal podium decorativeness of the year, and Bottas took 3rd up of Norris.

McLaren's Daniel Ricciardo benefited from a pit-stop occupation for Ferrari's Carlos Sainz to instrumentality fifth, holding disconnected the faster Spaniard to the flag.

And Fernando Alonso drove an fantabulous antiaircraft contention to decorativeness seventh, the starting presumption helium earned with a superb thrust successful the sprint contention successful which helium passed six cars connected the archetypal thigh successful his Alpine.

Alonso held disconnected Aston Martin's Lance Stroll for astir of the contention and 2nd Alpine of Esteban Ocon took ninth up of Alpha Tauri's Yuki Tsunoda.

Driver of the day

Charles Leclerc

Leclerc was outstanding successful the Ferrari, showing astonishing gait passim the contention and coming agonisingly adjacent to his archetypal triumph of the season.

What's next?

A two-week interruption earlier the Hungarian Grand Prix, connected 1 of Hamilton's favourite circuits, wherever Verstappen volition beryllium determined to deed back.

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