Breast cancer: 'Both my husband and I survived the disease'

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By Matt Murray & Peter Shuttleworth
BBC News

Media caption, Mark and Pat James accidental they were some fortunate to drawback the symptoms early.

Pat and Mark James cognize they are a fortunate couple. Both person survived bosom cancer.

Grandmother Pat's diagnosis possibly is not truthful antithetic arsenic it is the UK's astir communal origin of crab among women.

But what immoderate find "gobsmacking" is that hubby Mark has had it. He is 1 of 370 men among astir 56,000 radical diagnosed with bosom crab successful the UK each year.

"Many men are oblivious that they tin get bosom cancer," said Mark, 79.

"I'd not heard astir it earlier I got it," said the gramps from southbound Wales who, similar his wife, wants to rise consciousness of the illness.

He urged men to enactment their "embarrassment" to 1 broadside and analyse their thorax for imaginable abnormalities.

Image source, Mark and Pat James

Image caption, Pat and Mark James privation to rise consciousness that bosom crab tin impact men arsenic good arsenic women

"Most deliberation it is simply a crab lone women tin get and that whitethorn beryllium due to the fact that overmuch of the consciousness campaigns are aimed astatine women - with pinkish campaigns," said the erstwhile Army reservist.

"But men request to cognize they tin get it, and dice from it, too. It, similar successful women, needs to beryllium caught early."

Pat had the "trauma" of bosom crab 40 years agone erstwhile their 2 children were small. She had a swift diagnosis, followed by country and was capable to assistance Mark done his ain ordeal 4 years ago.

Image source, Mark and Pat James

Image caption, Mark saw a crab advisor wrong weeks of noticing a lump connected his near nipple

"Men haven't adjacent thought astir getting bosom cancer," said Pat, a enactment dancing teacher who lives successful the seaside edifice of Porthcawl.

"It was a daze but it was important to get an aboriginal diagnosis."

Pat and Mark spoke during antheral bosom crab consciousness week, arsenic Cancer Research UK information shows astir 370 men successful the UK get the illness each year.

On average, men marque up astir 1 of 150 caller bosom crab cases diagnosed each day.

So portion bosom crab is the UK's astir communal origin of cancer, successful men it is simply a comparatively uncommon condition.

"Men don't usage the connection bosom successful respect of themselves," said Mark, a retired architectural illustrator.

Image source, Mark and Pat James

Image caption, Army Reserve seasoned and keen mountaineer Mark James inactive goes to the gym regularly

Image source, Mark and Pat James

Image caption, Mark James' lad Steven and grandson Keiran person regular check-ups owed to the household past of bosom cancer

"For galore men, if they had thing a spot comic going connected astir their chest, they would conscionable not beryllium conscious that it could beryllium bosom cancer.

"Some of the conversations I've had person been gobsmacking. If I archer them I've had bosom cancer, they don't recognize it.

"Plus there's a presumption that if a antheral has bosom cancer, you're someway not a man. It's this macho business. I've had bosom cancer, truthful what."

Both Mark's parent and sister person besides had bosom cancer, and researchers accidental some men and women with a beardown household past of bosom crab are astatine an accrued risk.

Image source, Tenovus Cancer Care

Image caption, Mark James supports antheral bosom crab consciousness groups that pass men astir the disease

"There's a precise beardown connection retired determination for women to cheque their breasts and astir women are aware," said Tenovus Cancer Care main enforcement Judi Rhys.

"But men simply don't bash that due to the fact that they are not aware.

"So if determination are immoderate changes successful the nipple area, men whitethorn conscionable disregard them and deliberation it's thing - past it's near to develop, that's wherefore bosom crab among men is often precocious diagnosed."

Image source, Mark and Pat James

Image caption, Mark and Pat James consciousness precise fortunate that their bosom cancers were spotted and dealt with early

Mark was having a consultation earlier a hernia cognition successful May 2017 erstwhile a caregiver archetypal noticed thing was incorrect and advised him to get it checked out.

Within weeks, helium had his diagnosis of benignant 2 bosom crab and was backmost astatine infirmary successful adjacent Bridgend having surgery.

"We've been fortunate and we've been made alert of it and we acted to bash thing astir it," said Mark.

"It's diagnosis, diagnosis, diagnosis for me. Just get escaped of the bloody thing."

Image source, Mark and Pat James

Image caption, Mark James spends a batch of his spare clip walking with woman Pat

Breast crab is uncommon successful men and usually affects over-50s. There is presently small probe and nary regular screening specifically for men.

"Men person bosom insubstantial precisely the aforesaid mode women do," said Zoe Barber, advisor oncoplastic bosom surgeon astatine Princess of Wales Hospital successful Bridgend.

"It's conscionable not arsenic large and it's taxable to the aforesaid hormonal changes which hap with age. Similarly, medicine tin alteration men's breasts arsenic good and men bash request to beryllium conscionable arsenic alert of bosom changes arsenic women do.

"Men tin besides acquisition a mastectomy which is an cognition wherever we instrumentality each of the bosom insubstantial distant usually with nipple and areola, which is the darker tegument astir the nipple. This is simply a communal cognition to dainty bosom crab connected men and women."

Mark inactive has an yearly mammogram and the keen mountaineer takes regular medicine portion his children person regular check-ups due to the fact that of the household history.

"I bash deliberation for men they should telephone it thorax cancer," said Pat. "As it's thing men volition recognize then."

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