'Brave' Warriors suffer shocking injury toll

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The New Zealand Warriors were beaten successful much ways than 1 successful their "brave" 30-16 decision to the Penrith Panthers astatine Suncorp Stadium successful Brisbane.

A nightmare archetypal fractional saw 4 cardinal Warriors players - skipper Roger Tuivasa-Sheck, Tohu Harris, Wayde Egan and Rocco Berry - each spell disconnected injured, leaving their interchange seat bare with much than a fractional of the crippled to go.

Egan was seen connected the seat successful the 2nd fractional nevertheless manager Nathan Brown said helium could hardly walk a shot and was ne'er going to spell backmost out.

"To beryllium capable to play with nary subs for the past 50-55 minutes we mislaid 3 successful the archetypal 15 minutes, it was a large effort," Brown said successful his post-match property conference.

"Playing with grit and committedness is much beneficial than being technically dependable and everything. For america hopefully we tin larn from it and physique our nine disconnected the backmost of that."

Panthers observe a effort arsenic the Warriors number their wounded toll (Getty)

Tuivasa-Sheck playing successful the halves was a monolithic aboriginal loss, but Brown said the Warriors captain's caput sound aft attempting a tackle connected Matt Burton was not a large interest considering the different injuries.

"Roger is astir apt the slightest of our concern. He's had a concussion. He's rather bully now. We'll person to spot however helium goes adjacent week, he'll person to spell done the protocols, but Roger's the 1 that's successful the champion shape," Brown said.

Kikau scores aft complaint down

It was a antithetic communicative for the remainder of the Warriors casualty ward.

"I deliberation Tohu Harris has done his ACL which is simply a unspeakable wounded and Wayde Egan's enarthrosis is looking similar helium won't beryllium apt [to play] this twelvemonth and Rocco unluckily has done a hamstring," Brown said.

Despite the triumph Panthers manager Ivan Cleary was not pleased with his side's "rusty" effort, but was impressed by New Zealand's toughness aft the aboriginal wounded setbacks.

"I thought they were precise brave," the manager said successful his post-match property conference.

"They came up with immoderate large stops connected their extremity line."

NRL Highlights: The Panthers decision the depleted Warriors - Round 18

The Panthers took a portion to get into gear, and were helped by the knocked astir Warriors squad, but erstwhile they did, particularly successful the 2nd half, Penrith proved excessively slick for New Zealand.

Standouts for the Panthers were Viliame Kikau and Charlie Staines who some scored doubles, with Kikau's charge-down and people successful the opening 2 minutes easy the highlight.

The Panthers had an wounded stroke of their ain excessively with James Fisher-Harris.

"He had astir 3 injuries successful 1 instance," Cleary said.

"I don't deliberation its excessively atrocious but I'm really not excessively sure. I deliberation helium got neck, genu and the ribs. Hopefully he's not excessively bad."

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