Boozy backyard bike stunt puts Roo in hospital

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North Melbourne prima Jaidyn Stephenson is successful infirmary aft suffering a suspected breached hep successful a upland motorcycle mishap aft drinking alcohol.

The Kangaroos person released a connection confirming the incidental took spot successful his backyard and stating that Stephenson is acceptable to spot a surgeon today.

North Melbourne wide manager of shot Brady Rawlings said the 22-year-old was struggling physically aft the incident.

"Jaidyn's beauteous level astatine the infinitesimal and he's a spot sick and sorry," Rawlings said successful the statement.

"After having had drinks astatine location with his housemates, helium attempted to execute a instrumentality connected his upland motorcycle disconnected the backmost deck. He mislaid equilibrium and fell onto a factual paver.

North Melbourne prima Jaidyn Stephenson. (Getty)

"Initially, aft the accident, Jaidyn was capable to locomotion but the symptom progressed to a constituent that an ambulance was called. 

"He was kept successful overnight and helium looks similar helium mightiness beryllium laid up for a while. At this signifier he'll person a enactment successful infirmary portion his surgeon decides whether he'll request surgery.

"It puts a dampener connected what was a promising play for Jaidyn.

"We're disappointed with his mediocre judgement and his reckless enactment has resulted successful rather a achy wounded for him."

Stephenson joined Collingwood via prime six successful the 2017 nationalist draft.

The diversion guardant past played 54 AFL games with Collingwood, earlier being offloaded to North Melbourne successful the Magpies' infamous occurrence merchantability that was their 2020 commercialized period.

Stephenson played 19 AFL games successful his archetypal play with the Kangaroos this year.

North Melbourne prima Jaidyn Stephenson reels disconnected a footwear successful his archetypal play with the Kangaroos. (Getty)

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