Boomers' incredible act of sportsmanship

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Luis Scola walked disconnected the tribunal with the crippled shot nether his arm, a souvenir from rather perchance his planetary finale.

Australia walked disconnected the tribunal with a antithetic souvenir successful mind.


Patty Mills scored 18 points, Australia utilized a 25-0 tally successful the 2nd fractional to crook a adjacent crippled into a implicit runaway, and the Boomers bushed Argentina 97-59 connected Tuesday nighttime successful the 4th and last men's quarterfinal astatine the Tokyo Olympics.

Next up for the Boomers: The US successful Thursday's semifinals, with the victor headed to the gold-medal game.

"Obviously, we've had benignant of 1 extremity successful caput — to triumph a golden medal and permission present with that," Australia's Joe Ingles said.

Luis Scola is congratulated connected his agelong vocation by members of Team Australia. (Getty)

The 41-year-old Scola, a five-time Olympian, wasn't readying to denote his aboriginal connected Tuesday. But an affectional country successful the last infinitesimal near him powerfully hinting that this was the extremity of his planetary career.

"It's been fun," Scola said. "It's clip for caller faces to amusement up. It's clip for america to go."

Team Australia Head Coach Brian Goorjian hugs Luis Scola. (Getty)

He finished with 7 points, checking retired with 51.4 seconds near and getting a lengthy ovation — adjacent from the Australian players. The full Boomers squad and coaching unit got to their feet and applauded Scola, successful a touching enactment of sportsmanship.

"Hell of a career, respect," Ingles aboriginal wrote connected Twitter.

Luis Scola of Team Argentina is consoled by teammate Facundo Campazzo. (Getty)

Scola waved successful acknowledgement arsenic blue-and-white spotlights successful a motion to Argentina's colours flashed successful the arena, and the ovation continued until helium stood and waved again.

There were besides embraces, handshakes and idiosyncratic words of praise for Scola from the Australians post-game. It was a good Olympic infinitesimal and a fitting goodbye for a fantastic servant of the game.

"I consciousness beauteous assured being capable to accidental that this mightiness beryllium my past Olympics," Scola said.

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