Bloody Sunday: Colum Eastwood names Soldier F in parliament

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By Enda McClafferty
BBC News NI governmental editor

image captionColum Eastwood said determination should beryllium nary amnesties for radical accused of Troubles-related murders

The SDLP person Colum Eastwood has utilized parliamentary privilege to place a erstwhile worker facing 2 execution charges implicit his actions connected Bloody Sunday.

The Foyle MP named Soldier F during a statement successful the House of Commons connected the Armed Forces Bill connected Tuesday afternoon.

The worker is besides facing 5 attempted execution charges.

He had been granted anonymity by the justice proceeding the case.

The BBC is not naming Soldier F for ineligible reasons.

The past close of parliamentary privilege gives MPs unrestricted escaped code successful the Commons enclosure allowing them to sanction names without the hazard of ineligible action.

Colum Eastwood utilized that close of privilege to sanction Soldier F.

After naming him, the Foyle MP said: "For 50 years helium has been granted anonymity and present the authorities privation to assistance him an amnesty.

"No 1 progressive successful execution during the Troubles should beryllium granted an amnesty."

image copyrightHandout/Wray family

image captionSoldier F is accused of the murders of William McKinney (left) and James Wray

Speaking extracurricular parliament, Mr Eastwood told the BBC: "Over the past mates of weeks his sanction has been plastered connected Free Derry Corner, it has gone viral connected societal media.

"The radical of Derry cognize his name. There is nary crushed for him to beryllium granted anonymity.

"No different perpetrator progressive would beryllium fixed anonymity, for immoderate crushed Soldier F is simply a protected species."

Soldier F is facing 2 execution charges implicit the killings of William McKinney and James Wray and 5 attempted execution charges for his actions connected Bloody Sunday successful 1972 erstwhile 13 radical were changeable dormant by paratroopers.

He was granted anonymity aft the justice proceeding the lawsuit concluded "a existent hazard does exist" to the beingness of Soldier F and helium is close to "feel genuine fear".

But the Public Prosecution Service (PPS) said it planned to retreat the charges aft reviewing the lawsuit and decided statements were nary longer admissible evidence.

The lawsuit was owed to beryllium formally dismissed successful tribunal past week, but a ineligible situation by a member of William McKinney forced an adjournment.

Leave has been granted for a judicial reappraisal into the PPS's determination not to proceed with the prosecution.

The lawsuit is owed to beryllium heard successful September.

Former veterans' curate Johnny Mercer said Mr Eastwood should beryllium sanctioned for revealing Soldier F's sanction and described it arsenic "unnecessary and dangerous".

In a social media post helium accused Mr Eastwood of "mis-using parliamentary privilege".

"I person ne'er defended this man, but I volition support his close to a just process," Mr Mercer said.

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