Bloober Team Debunks Silent Hill Concept Leaks, Confirms Two New Games Are In Development

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Bloober Team was precise speedy to contradict Silent Hill rumors, but the verbiage is precise overmuch astir the circumstantial concepts leaked, not the information that the crippled itself is rumored to beryllium successful improvement with the Polish workplace astatine the helm. Bloober CMO Tomasz Gawlikowski also confirmed that it has 2 different projects they are moving on, each adjacent much ambitious than The Medium. 

But first, let's speech the leak. A leak by EU's Creative Europe website shared 3 projects nether the Bloober helm, 1 galore believed being successful relation to Silent Hill. Three projects were noted successful the leak, each with codenames. Here's a speedy breakdown of what's what: 

  • Codename H20
    • Real sanction Layers of Fear 2
  • Codename Black
    • "Presented from a archetypal idiosyncratic perspective, the gameplay is simply a substance of exploration, endurance and combat. The players instrumentality successful the satellite by exploring the environment, interacting with characters and taking portion successful story-driven setpieces. As the communicative progresses, they signifier the communicative by making a bid of motivation choices that volition pb to 1 of astatine slightest 2 endings."
  • Codename Dum Spiro
    • A "horror game, which rubric comes from a Latin condemnation “dum spiro, spero” - it means “while I breathe, I hope” and expresses main taxable of the game: that adjacent successful the look of definite decease radical are inactive susceptible of deciding astir their lives, defining its meaning done their actions towards the extremity and adjacent triumph the evil successful a symbolic way. Story takes places during years 1941-44 successful Litzmannstadt Ghetto – a World War II ghetto established for Polish Jews, the second-largest ghetto successful each of German-occupied Europe. Player takes relation of the imprisoned lad who struggles against each likelihood successful bid to fell and prevention his small sister."

Each listing, hyperlinked to the source, provides a elaborate statement of each codename's purpose: what benignant of gameplay, an overview of the story — details of the like. Feel escaped to cheque retired those links, if you're funny successful learning more. 

Sitting down with IGNGawlikowski addressed the EU leaks and talked much astir online speculation and plans for the aboriginal of the workplace successful airy of the Konami Project collaboration. 

"We person besides applied for 2 different projects, codenamed respectively Dum Spiro and Black," Gawlikowski told the site. "After galore iterations of Dum Spiro, we’ve concluded we can’t astatine the infinitesimal present it successful a signifier that is appropriately delicate to the taxable and commercially viable astatine the aforesaid time. In short, Dum Spiro is nary longer successful progressive improvement astatine the moment. Similarly, the archetypal thought for Black has besides been shelved, and portion we’re inactive processing a crippled nether this codename, it’s present a overmuch antithetic task than what you could work connected the web successful the past fewer days."

He added, "At Bloober Team we person 2 progressive interior projects, 1 successful the accumulation signifier and 1 successful the pre-production phase. Both are going to beryllium bigger successful scope than The Medium, however, neither of them is based connected themes oregon premises that person been circulating online successful the past days."

Silent Hill has been a root of rumors for rather immoderate clip now, much truthful aft the quality of Hideo Kojima's departure became known. Those rumors lone intensified erstwhile Bloober announced that it was partnerning with Konami for aboriginal projects, which instantly added much substance to the fire. A erstwhile report from Video Game Chronicles stated that "people with cognition of Bloober's plans" told the tract that the "strategic partnership" betwixt the 2 companies was centered astir a Silent Hill-related project. 

In narration to the leak and reports that followed, Gawlikowski unopen down the concepts expressed with the associated codenames, though helium did accidental that the squad is inactive precise overmuch moving connected 2 caller games. He besides didn't corroborate that the Konami task is simply a caller Silent Hill game, but helium didn't corroborate it wasn't, either. Regarding the 2 caller games person yet to beryllium afloat revealed, but helium did accidental that some are larger than the scope of The Medium, which was its ain undertaking erstwhile creating a dual-reality experience

So? Thoughts? Do you deliberation the deliberate phrasing astir the circumstantial concepts leaked is indicative of a roundabout mode of skirting the question of Silent Hill, oregon bash you deliberation that determination is mode excessively overmuch clip invested successful things we cognize truthful small about? Shout retired those spicy takes successful the comments below! 

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