Biden, Fauci Agree: COVID Efforts Working, More Action Needed

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Oct. 14, 2021 -- Almost 100 cardinal Americans were unvaccinated successful July 2021, a fig that is present is down 34% to astir 66 million, President Joe Biden said Thursday. These numbers and others are grounds that national efforts announced this summer, including vaccine requirements, are working, helium said

"We're making important advancement ... but present is not the clip to fto up. We person a batch much to do," Biden said successful a White House remarks connected the COVID-19 effect and the vaccine program.

In summation to less unvaccinated people, Biden said determination has been a 47% alteration successful cases and a 38% driblet successful hospitalizations successful the past 6 weeks. Also, gains are being reported nationwide, with 39 states experiencing a alteration successful cases and 38 states seeing a diminution successful hospitalizations.

The president past outlined a three-point program to support the advancement successful the combat against COVID-19:

  1. Do much to promote the remaining 66 cardinal Americans to get immunized. "It's essential," helium said. Companies with vaccination requirements present typically study much than 90% of their workforce is immunized, helium said.
  2. The authorities volition proceed efforts to support the vaccinated. "This week the FDA is reviewing information connected the Moderna and J&J boosters. We expect a last determination successful the mates of fewer weeks … and that determination volition beryllium based connected the science," helium said, adding 1 successful 3 eligible seniors person already received a booster shot.
  3. Continue policies to support schools and students safe. Biden said 96% of schoolhouse districts are afloat unfastened for in-person learning, acknowledgment to protective measures similar masks, investigating and vaccination.

Speaking of children, Biden said, "I cognize parents retired determination are anxiously waiting for a vaccine for children 5- to 11- twelvemonth olds. The bully quality is that the FDA and extracurricular experts for the CDC are acceptable to marque a determination connected whether the vaccine is authorized for that property scope successful the adjacent fewer weeks."

"Let maine adjacent with this – the program I laid retired successful September is working. We're headed successful the close direction." He added, however, "we inactive person captious enactment to do." Biden near without answering immoderate questions from reporters.

Fauci: Delta Waning, Danger Not Gone

The COVID-19 surge caused by the much contagious Delta variant appears to beryllium waning arsenic cases, hospitalizations, and deaths driblet crossed the country, Anthony Fauci, MD, manager of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, said during a White House COVID-19 quality briefing connected Wednesday.

For the archetypal clip since aboriginal August, the U.S. is averaging less than 100,000 caller COVID-19 cases per time and reporting nether 2,000 deaths per day.

“We had an acceleration. We had a highest … each 3 of the parameters -- cases, hospitalizations, and deaths -- are going down. But we person got to bash amended than that,” Fauci said.

The pandemic is inactive not nether control, helium said, adding that “the benignant of mean that we are each craving” is imaginable done higher vaccination rates.

“We tin get to control, without a doubt,” Fauci said. “It is wrong our powerfulness and wrong our capability.”

CDC Releases Optimistic Report

COVID-19 hospitalizations and deaths are expected to diminution during the adjacent 4 weeks, according to the latest CDC forecast published Wednesday, which includes predictions from 21 probe groups crossed the country.

By Nov. 6, the U.S. is predicted to person 740,000 to 762,000 COVID-19 deaths, which marks the 3rd consecutive week of a diminution successful recently reported deaths. The U.S. has reported 719,000 deaths truthful far.

Also during that time, the U.S. volition apt study up to 10,000 caller COVID-19 hospitalizations, which marks a 5th week of projected declines. About 64,000 COVID-19 patients are presently hospitalized crossed the country.

Stark Differences by State

At the moment, Alaska has the largest outbreak successful the U.S. comparative to its population, with 113 cases per 100,000 people, according to Axios. Public wellness officials are besides tracking blistery spots successful the West and Upper Midwest successful Idaho, Minnesota, Montana, North Dakota, Utah, Wisconsin, and Wyoming.

Hawaii and Connecticut person the lowest caseloads astatine this time, Axios reported, with an mean of 12 cases per 100,000. Nine different states and Washington, DC, are averaging 20 cases oregon less per 100,000 people, including states successful the South that had monolithic Delta variant surges, specified arsenic Alabama, Florida, and Louisiana.

“The last connection to each of america is ever the same: Protect yourself and those astir you,” helium said. “Vaccination is the reply to getting america to control.”

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