Bereaved sister's call for breast cancer taskforce

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image copyrightFamily handout

image captionStacey Chilcott, pictured with her 3 children, died 2 days earlier her daughter's 5th birthday

A pistillate whose sister died from bosom crab is campaigning for the combat against the illness to beryllium fixed the aforesaid vigor arsenic the hunt for Covid-19 vaccines.

Stacey Chilcott, from Willenhall, West Midlands, had a PhD successful crab research.

She was 39 erstwhile she died 2 days earlier her daughter's 5th birthday; the small miss blowing retired candles with the assistance of aunt, Lindsey Flynn.

Mrs Flynn is present calling for a nationalist taskforce to assistance extremity the illness.

To that end, she has launched an online petition. It volition request 10,000 signatures by September for the authorities to contented a effect to its demands.

"It isn't close what happened to Stace," Mrs Flynn said. "But with the pandemic, you spot what tin beryllium achieved erstwhile we each propulsion together.

"Why can't we use this to 1 of the biggest killers of young women?"

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image captionThe run was launched truthful "no much kids suffer their mommy" similar Stacey Chilcott

Mrs Flynn said her sister, who died successful January 2020, was told determination was nary attraction disposable for her benignant of cancer, and that she independently researched a fig of objective trials and nary were successful.

She said: "We look to beryllium contented to judge truthful galore mums, daughters, sisters and nans dying."

According to figures from Cancer Research UK, determination are astir 11,500 bosom crab deaths each twelvemonth domestically.

Treatment is improving and patients person a 76% accidental of surviving for 10 oregon much years, the foundation says - treble the complaint it was 40 years ago.

It declined to remark connected the petition, but said: "The Government and NHS leaders indispensable besides deliberation agelong word and supply the concern needed to alteration crab endurance successful this country.

"This means importantly investing successful much unit and kit truthful that the NHS tin supply each patients with life-saving diagnosis and attraction and springiness them the champion accidental of surviving their disease."

image copyrightFamily handout

image captionStacey Chilcott, Lindsey Flynn and their different sister Lianne were champion friends, Mrs Flynn said

Mrs Chilcott had 2 different children, Isaac, present five, and Theo, four.

"Stacey was hopeless to person children," said Mrs Flynn from Staffordshire. "They were the champion happening that ever happened to her."

She said it was the children who person helped the household get done the coronavirus pandemic portion inactive grieving.

"We each made the committedness to Stace that we'd support things arsenic mean arsenic possible," said Mrs Flynn, explaining wherefore determination was a small girl's day enactment truthful soon aft the death.

"Her mum should person been there," she said, adding that erstwhile she realised however galore different mums had missed their children's birthdays due to the fact that of bosom crab she felt she "needed to bash something".

"The pandemic has shown if there's capable assets and volition down it, we tin bash anything.

"Why can't we person that laser absorption connected this contented affecting women? How tin we suffer truthful galore Staceys and not propulsion for much [to beryllium done]?"

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