Barty's incredible encounter after Wimbledon

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Ash Barty walked disconnected Wimbledon's centre court with the Venus Rosewater Dish and the head-spinning moments were conscionable beginning.

First halt was the honour roll, which had already been updated with her sanction arsenic the 2021 women's champion aft she beat Karolina Pliskova successful 3 sets. Miss A. Barty, connected the committee forever.

She followed 2019 victor Simona Halep, owed to Wimbledon being cancelled amid the COVID-19 pandemic past year. And it was the archetypal clip that she got to spot her sanction alongside her idol and mentor, Evonne Goolagong Cawley, arsenic a Wimbledon champion. Throughout the tournament, Barty was wearing a tribute outfit inspired by Goolagong Cawley's apparel from her 1971 triumph astatine the All England Club.

"Evonne texted maine astatine the commencement of the tourney and said that she hoped it would bring maine arsenic overmuch luck arsenic it did for her," Barty told Nine of her chap Indigenous hero.

"She's an unthinkable person. I deliberation conscionable proceeding those words from her gave maine each the luck that I needed this week and present to stock immoderate truly unthinkable past with her for our civilization is incredible."

Ash Barty with the Venus Rosewater Dish and the honour committee aft winning Wimbledon. (Getty)

Barty walked connected from the honour rotation - followed passim by the camera, astir similar the legendary Goodfellas nightclub introduction country - and who should beryllium waiting but William and Kate.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge spoke with Barty astir her singular win, Kate having already seen Barty astatine the trophy presentation.

"Yeah, I called my niece and nephew and they were truthful excited. I cognize they're up watching now," Barty told Kate, who asked what the clip was successful Australia; to beryllium told by Barty it was betwixt 1 and 2 successful the morning.

William said, "You didn't look similar you had immoderate nerves contiguous astatine all", but Barty assured him that she surely did. "You hid it precise well," William replied.

"I tried to conscionable deed retired alternatively of going into my shell," Barty said. "Kaja (Pliskova) is incredible, I emotion playing against her, I emotion investigating myself against her, she genuinely brings retired the precise champion successful me."

Kate added: "I met a small fangirl instrumentality downstairs, she was truthful sweet. So you're inspiring the adjacent procreation ... good done. Enjoy your break."

Ash Barty speaks with Kate and William aft winning Wimbledon. (Nine)

Barty thanked the royals and moved connected ... to tennis royalty. Just past a mirrored rod stood the legendary Billie Jean King and Martina Navratilova.

The brace boast a ridiculous 40 Wimbledon titles betwixt them, 20 each; 9 successful singles for Navratilova and six for King. Barty is present a peer.

"Everyone's precise proud," Navratilova told Barty; somewhat magnanimously, fixed that Pliskova is simply a chap Czech. King added: "We're each arrogant of you, everyone is. You merit it."

Navratilova reminded Barty that with her win, she had joined them arsenic authoritative members of the prestigious All England Club: "It's bully to beryllium portion of, present you're a member!"

Billie Jean King and Martina Navratilova greet Ash Barty aft her Wimbledon win. (Nine)

Barty walked on a hallway, done a members area, and got backmost to determination that suited her acold more: with the mean folk. She walked retired connected the balcony and presented the trophy to the assemblage extracurricular Wimbledon's interior confines, to rapturous applause.

"What an astonishing moment," Wimbledon fable Todd Woodbridge said connected Nine.

"This is the public's accidental to get their photo. Many of these spectators volition person been retired connected the elevation watching connected the large screen.

"The hard work's done but there's inactive plentifulness of enactment to go, isn't there, connected a time similar this successful presumption of photograph ops, media."

No much with the trophy, though. The precious point was taken distant from her by a Wimbledon authoritative aft returning inside.

"I was hoping she'd beryllium capable to get it and instrumentality it to the squad to person a look astatine it!" Woodbridge said.

Ash Barty falls into the arms of spouse Garry Kissick aft winning Wimbledon. (Nine)

Before heading to her champion's property conference, Barty was met by her squad backmost successful the halls, led by caput manager Craig Tyzzer and spouse Garry Kissick.

"Hey, however are ya?" Tyzzer asked, to which Barty replied, burying her look successful her hands, "Oh my god, that was truthful embarrassing." It's unclear to what she was referring; possibly it was simply the magnitude of specified a moment, beamed each implicit the world. She leant into Kissick's arms.

Laughs rapidly followed, arsenic is the norm with Barty's team. But determination were besides tears of joy. It was her imagination realised, and theirs.

Perhaps this was wherever she was told that by rights, she shouldn't person adjacent been playing astatine Wimbledon. Barty's hep injury, which saw her discontinue astatine Roland Garros, should person kept her retired of tennis for 2 months; yet present she was with the Wimbledon trophy 5 weeks later.

"The emotion conscionable pours retired and I deliberation the realisation for Ash," Woodbridge said.

Barty was not told the full information astir the grade of her wounded until aft her last win.

"Just chatting to my squad aft I've travel disconnected the court, they held a batch of their cards adjacent to their thorax and didn't archer maine the likelihood and the accusation down my injury," Barty told Nine.

"Talking to specialists each circular the world, they're are a batch of Aussies that had ne'er seen it before. The accusation we were given, oregon they were given, it was fundamentally a two-month injury.

"So to beryllium capable to get done and play pain-free this week has been thing shy of a occurrence really."

Barty wins Wimbledon, climbs into stands

The property league followed. Barty was her accustomed self, eloquent yet down to earth. She looked each spot a Wimbledon champion.

She aboriginal thanked each her fans backmost successful Australia, who took the travel with her from the different broadside of the world.

"I'm incredibly fortunate arsenic an jock and arsenic a idiosyncratic to get truthful overmuch emotion and enactment from everyone backmost home," she told Nine.

"It's endless passim the full year. I've ever got monolithic backing and pursuing and I ever effort and spell retired determination and conscionable bash the champion I tin each and each day."

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