Assisted dying: Campaigners renewed hope for change in the law

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David Peace has centrifugal neurone disease, a terminal unwellness which gradually affects the encephalon and nerves.

He says helium intends to question to a Swiss session to extremity his beingness earlier his information prevents him from making the journey.

David, who lives successful cardinal London, is 1 of a fig of radical down renewed calls to update England and Wales assisted dying laws to let terminally sick people, with six months to live, the close to extremity their life, taxable to strict criteria.

A 2nd speechmaking of the assisted dying measure is owed to instrumentality spot successful the House of Lords this autumn.

But opponents accidental determination should beryllium amended absorption connected helping radical to unrecorded much comfy lives, alternatively than assisting them to die.

Reporter and video producer: Paul Murphy-Kasp

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