'Ask Dana White': Conor's startling injury claim

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UFC prima Conor McGregor says helium went into his UFC 264 trilogy bout against Dustin Poirier with "multiple accent fractures" successful his near limb -- the aforesaid limb that snapped underneath him in the last seconds of his TKO loss.

The Irishman's little near limb broke arsenic helium stepped backward aft throwing a punch earlier Poirier showed nary mercy and pounded McGregor portion helium laic connected the crushed earlier the circular came to an end. The authoritative effect was ruled a doctor's stoppage. In a station connected Instagram, McGregor claimed the UFC knew astir issues with the limb going into the fight.

"I was injured going into the fight," McGregor said. "People are asking me, 'When was the limb broke? At what constituent did the limb break?' Ask Dana White.

Conor McGregor said Poirier would permission successful a stretcher but it was the different mode around. (Getty)

"Ask the UFC. Ask Dr. [Jeff] Davidson, the caput doc of the UFC. They knew I had accent fractures successful my limb going into that cage. It was debated astir pulling the happening out."

The UFC and The Nevada State Athletic Commission are yet to remark connected the matter. Speculation astir erstwhile the wounded occurred started instantly aft the fight, with Poirier saying helium thought the limb broke earlier successful the combat aft a footwear from his rival. Earlier this week, McGregor's coach, John Kavanagh, claimed McGregor went into the combat with an injured ankle.

McGregor, 33, confirmed he'll person six weeks connected crutches and the cognition was precisely what helium "needed" to dainty the troublesome area.

McGregor loses by a Doctor's stoppage successful UFC 264 (Getty)

"I'm fundamentally getting precisely what I needed to get there," McGregor said. "I needed to get attraction connected my leg. I needed to get attraction connected my ankle. I needed to get attraction connected my shin bone. And I would person ne'er committed to going nether the weapon unless thing similar this happened.

"So, thing similar this happened, [I am] getting precisely what I needed, and what I needed was a titanium shin bone. Now, I person a titanium rod from my genu to the ankle, and the doc says it's unbreakable."

The wounded is the aforesaid contented faced by erstwhile UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva, who underwent the aforesaid process successful 2013, aft helium broke his limb during a rubric combat against Chris Weidman. Ironically Weidman went done the aforesaid wounded this year.

Silva, who was 38 erstwhile helium suffered the injury, returned to the Octagon a small much than 1 twelvemonth aboriginal and went connected to combat 7 much times successful the UFC.

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