Apple Watch 7 vs Apple Watch 6: what’s different and why you’ll love it

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The Apple Watch 7 has arrived and the much outlandish renders and rumors turned retired not to beryllium accurate, but portion it doesn’t look dramatically antithetic the caller exemplary is nevertheless an awesome upgrade.

Apple has managed to marque the surface overmuch bigger without making the Apple Watch 7 look similar you’ve strapped a meal sheet to your wrist, it charges overmuch much quickly, and it comes successful immoderate chill caller colors.

Best of all, much surface doesn’t mean much wealth oregon having to propulsion retired your existing Apple Watch bands. So what’s new? Let’s look astatine the cardinal differences betwixt this and the Apple Watch 6.

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Apple Watch 7 vs Apple Watch 6: plan and display

The Apple Watch 6 was an improvement of the acquainted Apple Watch design, with a brighter always-on Retina show and a prime of 40mm oregon 44mm cases. It was disposable successful 3 metals – aluminum, stainless alloy and titanium, and it added bluish aluminum and reddish to the existing prime of colors. There was besides a caller strap, the Solo Loop.

So overmuch for the rumour factory: the extremist redesign galore pundits expected to spot successful the Apple Watch 7 didn’t marque it. The caller exemplary doesn’t look dramatically antithetic from earlier and it comes successful the aforesaid sizes, but by reducing the borders to conscionable 1.7mm it increases the disposable surface country by 20% compared to the Series 6 and offers 50% much than the Apple Watch 3.

That means there’s country for 50% much substance erstwhile you’re speechmaking email oregon messages, and it enables you to cram much accusation into your ticker face. The caller faces marque bully usage of that, with the dynamic Contour look pouring into the corners and the caller Modular look boasting country for 2 ample complications.

The crystal covering has been redesigned to marque it much ace resistant than before, and the show is brighter than before, delivering 70% higher indoor brightness. Plus, successful summation to 50 metre h2o absorption (also offered by the Apple Watch 6) the Apple Watch 7 gets IP6X certification for particulate resistance.

We wonderment whether the newer, tougher crystal and particulate absorption explicate the rumors of an ‘Explorer Edition’ designed for outdoor sports types; according to Bloomberg, though, determination whitethorn inactive beryllium specified a watch, but not earlier 2022.

There are 5 colors this clip around: midnight, starlight, green, bluish and PRODUCT(RED). That’s for the aluminum version. Stainless alloy models travel successful silver, graphite oregon gold, and titanium ones travel successful earthy oregon abstraction black. There’s besides a caller Nike sports loop and immoderate caller Hermes bands for precocious rollers. All models are compatible with existing Apple Watch bands.

Apple Watch 7 vs Apple Watch 6: fittingness and features

The Apple Watch 6 added humor oxygen monitoring and ECG, slumber tracking, and choky integration with Apple’s Fitness Plus service. It besides introduced Family Setup for GPS+Cellular models, which makes it easier to acceptable up and power younger household members’ watches.

There are nary headline-grabbing caller sensors successful the Apple Watch 7, but determination is simply a caller autumn detection diagnostic for cyclists and an improved algorithm to amended way e-bike rides.

The larger show besides makes it imaginable to person a afloat on-screen keyboard that you tin benignant oregon swipe on, and it uses instrumentality learning to effort and foretell what you’re going to benignant next.

Apple Watch 7 vs Apple Watch 6: OS, powerfulness and battery

Where the Apple Watch 6 presently runs watchOS 7, you tin upgrade it to the same watchOS 8 as the Apple Watch 7 erstwhile the OS is released, connected September 20. Its artillery is rated for 18 hours of mean use.

The Apple Watch 6 has an Apple S6 chipset, a dual-core processor based connected the A13 Bionic from the iPhone 11, alongside Apple’s W1 wireless spot and U1 ultra-wideband processor. It has Bluetooth 5.0 and dual-band Wi-Fi up to 802.11n, and the cellular exemplary has 4G LTE.Advertisement

Apple hasn’t published details of the Apple Watch 7’s processor and internals yet, but the accent this twelvemonth appears to beryllium much connected vigor ratio than connected earthy performance.

The artillery beingness successful the Apple Watch 7 is besides 18 hours but it charges overmuch much rapidly – 33% faster, says Apple – thanks to a caller USB-C charger. 8 minutes of complaint volition springiness you capable foodstuff for 8 hours of slumber tracking.

Apple Watch 7 vs Apple Watch 6: price

The Apple Watch 6 scope started astatine $399 / £379 /AU$599 for the aluminum version, but the terms roseate with much retention of if you wanted stainless alloy oregon titanium. Certain lawsuit and strap combinations were besides much expensive, particularly the Hermes editions.

The Apple Watch 7 besides starts astatine $399 for Wi-Fi and $499 for cellular, with prices successful different regions not yet confirmed, but apt to beryllium akin to the Apple Watch 6’s motorboat price.

It looks similar the rumored show issues person so affected the Apple Watch 7: portion the iPhone 13 range is shipping wrong a week of launch, the Apple Watch 7 is lone promised for “fall”, which officially runs until precocious December.

When the Apple Watch 7 ships, the Apple Watch scope volition dwell of 3 models: the Apple Watch SE, the Apple Watch 3 and the Apple Watch 7, truthful if you bash privation the Apple Watch 6 you’ll either person to bargain it soon oregon get it from a third-party retailer.


There’s thing present to marque Apple Watch 6 owners unreserved to the Apple Store with their recognition cards twitching successful anticipation of life-changing upgrades, but there’s nary uncertainty that the Apple Watch 7 is the astir charismatic of each the Apple Watch models: it’s much useful, it has much screen, and it’s overmuch faster to complaint than ever before.

The Apple Watch has gone from a “what does it do? Who knows? Let’s find out!” merchandise to thing much settled, and what the Apple Watch 7 lacks successful excitement it delivers successful refinement.Advertisement

It whitethorn not look dramatically antithetic from its predecessors, but erstwhile you comparison them broadside by broadside it is noticeably smoother and much elegant; those narrower borders marque the aforesaid quality to the Apple Watch 7 arsenic the thinner bezels of the iPhone 13 bash to differentiate it from the iPhones of a fewer years ago.

oing purely by the specs and the plan then, if you aren’t already wearing an Apple Watch 6, we deliberation you’re going to emotion the Apple Watch 7.

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