Alto's Odyssey Gets First Major Expansion Next Week

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Sandboarding game Alto's Odyssey is getting its archetypal large enlargement adjacent week successful the signifier of The Lost City, steadfast Snowman announced today. The enlargement volition beryllium disposable exclusively done the Apple Arcade subscription work connected July 16 and volition adhd a caller biome, gameplay challenges, and music.

You tin spot a trailer for The Lost City below:

One absorbing happening to enactment astir The Lost City – portion it's a caller enlargement for Alto's Odyssey, according to the developer, it really makes usage of scrapped ideas from the archetypal motorboat of the game. While the basal crippled mostly remains intact, players are invited to research the Lost City, an wholly caller biome that expands the ocular palette, soundscape, and challenges of Odyssey, each seamlessly integrated into the game's halfway experience. 

"Being capable to prime immoderate of those ideas backmost up and bring them to life, successful a mode that wasn’t imaginable during the archetypal improvement process, feels similar realising the truest imaginativeness of the task today," shaper Jair McBain tells Game Informer successful a connection astir the project. 

Alongside the announcement for The Lost City, the squad besides announced Land & Sea, which serves arsenic the formalization of the until-now unnamed improvement squad down the Alto games. Land & Sea is founded by the crippled series' co-creator Harry Nesbitt and is made up of a squad of assorted contributors. Alongside continuing enactment for its Alto series, Land & Sea besides has plans to present caller IP sometime successful the future. The Lost City serves arsenic Land & Sea's archetypal large project, which according to Nesbitt, is besides the archetypal clip it's expanded 1 of its existing games successful a large way. 

"We wanted to onslaught a cautious equilibrium betwixt adding caller elements to the game, portion preserving the archetypal flow," Nesbitt says. "In galore ways we deliberation of this arsenic the definitive mentation of the game, truthful there’s plentifulness for caller and experienced players to enjoy."

Thanks successful nary tiny portion to the Alto series' captious and commercialized occurrence – which netted it an Apple Design Award and BAFTA information – the erstwhile mobile-only Snowman has go thing of a publishing powerhouse wrong the indie abstraction lately. On apical of bundling the Alto bid for consoles successful the signifier of The Alto Collection, it besides published Where Cards Fall, developed by Blaseball-maker The Game Band, and Skate City, the second of which besides precocious made the jump to different platforms. 

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