After Freezing Texans To Death, Republicans Are Now Trying To Boil Them

4 months ago 33

Republicans froze Texans to death in the winter after a power grid failure and now they are warning that the grid may break again due to summer heat.

Texans are being asked to conserve power because the grid is in danger of going down again.

Republicans in Texas ignored multiple warnings from the federal government that their power grid needed to be repaired. They did nothing and people froze to death after the grid failed in the winter. You may remember this as the time when Sen. Ted Cruz tried to flee to Cancun as his constituents were dying.

After literally killing residents of their state, you may have thought that Republicans in Texas would fix their power grid. If you thought that, you were wrong.

Republicans in the state responded by telling the federal government to stay away from their power grid, as they did nothing to fix it.

The result is that Republicans did nothing, and Texans will die in the summer heat if their air conditioning goes out.

Texas is the national role model of the fatal consequences of putting Republicans in charge.

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