AFL great quits during blistering radio outburst

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Legendary footy and sportfishing broadcaster Rex Hunt has made an explosive exit from his vigor comeback during a blistering on-air onslaught astatine his ain boss.

During 3AW's Footy Nightline connected Saturday, an interrogation with Hawthorn icon Robert DiPierdomenico ran agelong into a scheduled ad-break.

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That prompted 3AW caput of shot Craig Moore to leap successful Hunt's ear, telling the 30-year vigor seasoned to tin the chat.

"Yeah thanks, Craig. I've got steam coming retired of my ears," Hunt said.

"My producer, who is conscionable a magnificent shaper and beauteous idiosyncratic ... I archer you present Craig, wherefore we dropped a break, and if you've got a occupation from down the roadworthy to merchantability 3AW Football, I could merchantability 3AW Football.

"Why we dropped the interruption Craig - we were speaking to a man, a five-time VFL premiership subordinate - '78, '83, '86, '88, '89 - a Brownlow Medal successful 1986, three-time AFL Team of the Year, 1 of the astir palmy Italians ever to play the game, was selected successful the Italian Team of the Century, played 240 games and scored 130 goals much than you, Craig ...

"Why bash I steam? Because you're losing the precise consciousness of what 3AW was built up from. (3AW greats) Norman Banks and Harry Beitzel and immoderate different fish-kissing idiot. I'll driblet it now, but don't ringing during my program. Got it?"

Legendary footy and sportfishing broadcaster Rex Hunt. (Getty)

Hunt past demanded his intro to beryllium played again truthful helium could chill off, earlier helium leaned into different withering outburst.

"It mightiness beryllium my past night," Hunt said.

"Because I consciousness bully and I don't request radical telling maine to unopen up.

"Because I instrumentality you wherever millions of radical spell and you volition ne'er travel backmost from it.

"And if I person to interest astir lightweights aft maine gathering the instauration for astir of you people, I'll conscionable spell fishing."

3AW presumption manager Stephen Beers has since informed unit that Hunt had genuinely discontinue his post.

"Rex Hunt has advised america that helium is sadly taking permission of his duties astatine 3AW to absorption connected his family," the connection reads.

"As overmuch arsenic helium has loved his instrumentality to 3AW and we person loved having him connected Footy Nightline, we privation him good for the future.

"Rex knows the doorway is ever unfastened for him."

Hunt made a vigor comeback with 3AW successful February 2020, for the AFL's State of Origin bushfire foundation match.

Before his vigor and tv vocation began, Hunt played 202 VFL games with Richmond, Geelong and St Kilda betwixt 1968 and 1978, winning 2 flags with the Tigers.

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