Afghanistan: UK's Kabul evacuation ends today, says military

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By Katie Wright
BBC News

The UK's evacuation of civilians from Afghanistan volition extremity connected Saturday, the caput of the equipped forces has said.

Gen Sir Nick Carter said determination were inactive immoderate civilian flights coming to the UK, but "very fewer now".

He added it was "heartbreaking" they had not been capable to rescue everybody, with hundreds of Afghans eligible to travel to the UK inactive successful Afghanistan.

A wide airlift has been nether mode astatine Kabul airdrome since Taliban militants overran the superior this month.

On Friday, the Ministry of Defence said the UK had evacuated 14,543 radical from Kabul since 13 August.

Sir Nick, main of the defence staff, told Radio 4's Today programme: "We're reaching the extremity of the evacuation, which volition instrumentality spot during the people of today, and past of people it'll beryllium indispensable to bring our troops retired connected the remaining aircraft.

"It's gone arsenic good arsenic it could bash successful the circumstances... but we haven't been capable to bring everybody retired and that has been heartbreaking and determination person been immoderate precise challenging judgements that person had to beryllium made connected the ground."

He said the fig of Afghans who were eligible to travel to the UK but remained successful Afghanistan was successful the "high hundreds", suggesting that immoderate would not person wanted to instrumentality the hazard of travelling to the airdrome oregon been incapable to, alternatively than it being down to "processing" issues.

"We are everlastingly receiving messages and texts from our Afghan friends that are precise distressing. So we're each surviving this successful the astir achy way."

Those evacuated see British nationals arsenic good arsenic astir 8,000 Afghans eligible nether the UK's relocation strategy for those who worked for the UK authorities and different susceptible individuals.

As of Friday, the authorities said betwixt 800 and 1,100 eligible Afghans and 100 to 150 Britons had not been evacuated.

Chairman of the overseas affairs prime committee Tom Tugendhat, who served successful Afghanistan, told BBC Breakfast it near him "extremely sad" truthful galore of his friends had been near down but helium was continuing to enactment to get radical retired of the country.

However, helium said radical should "forget" astir trying to get to Kabul and attempting to alert from the airport, owed to the galore unsafe checkpoints that person been installed on the motorways.

A 31 August deadline is successful spot for overseas troops to permission the country.

The US has been moving the airdrome successful Afghanistan's capital, wherever a termination weaponry onslaught connected Thursday whitethorn person killed arsenic galore arsenic 170 radical - including two British nationals and the kid of a British national.

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