Afghanistan: Most British troops have left - PM

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media captionBoris Johnson connected UK troops returning from Afghanistan: "We are safer due to the fact that of everything they did."

All British troops assigned to Nato's ngo successful Afghanistan are returning location and astir person already left, Prime Minister Boris Johnson has said.

The PM said determination could "never beryllium a cleanable moment" to withdraw, but it was "never intended to beryllium permanent".

The UK subject has been successful Afghanistan since 2001, with much than 450 British troops dying during the struggle with the Taliban and fighters from al-Qaeda.

The US has said it volition retreat each forces by 11 September.

In a connection to the House of Commons, Mr Johnson said aft the bulk of troops returned location successful 2014, astir 750 work unit stayed successful Afghanistan nether Nato's ngo to bid and assistance the country's information forces.

"No-one should uncertainty the gains of the past 20 years," helium told MPs. "But nor tin we shrink from the hard world of the concern today."

He said the concern successful Afghanistan present is "very different" compared to 20 years agone erstwhile the state was "the epicentre of planetary terrorism".

"We and our Nato allies were ever going to retreat our forces," Mr Johnson said. "The lone question was when, and determination could ne'er beryllium a cleanable moment."

Nato has already confirmed allies would statesman withdrawing troops from 1 May.

And US President Joe Biden announced successful April that American troops volition permission Afghanistan by 11 September, saying it was "time to extremity America's longest war".

That would coincide with the 20th day of the panic attacks connected the World Trade Center and the Pentagon successful the US successful 2001.

The US had immoderate 2,500 troops successful the state arsenic portion of a 9,600-strong Nato mission.

At the tallness of the war, Nato had much than 130,000 troops from 50 nations successful Afghanistan. The UK had 9,500 unit and 137 bases successful Helmand state alone.

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