Afghanistan: Ministers try to reassure MPs over missed evacuees

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By Doug Faulkner
BBC News

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image captionHome Secretary Priti Patel, 1 of the signatories of a missive to MPs, watches an Afghan exile springiness her fingerprints during processing astatine Heathrow

Ministers person written to MPs to reassure them of the government's continued enactment for those near down by evacuation efforts successful Afghanistan.

The defence, location and overseas secretaries said the UK would usage "every lever" to unafraid the harmless transition of those who privation to leave.

Ben Wallace, Priti Patel and Dominic Raab said each MP volition person been contacted with "heartbreaking stories".

It comes arsenic the UK's evacuation is expected to extremity this weekend.

The absorption volition present displacement to getting work unit and diplomats out.

On Friday, the Ministry of Defence said the UK had evacuated 14,543 radical from Kabul since 13 August.

This includes British nationals arsenic good arsenic astir 8,000 Afghans eligible nether the UK's relocation strategy for those who worked for the UK government, on with different susceptible individuals.

But betwixt 800 to 1,100 eligible Afghans and 100 to 150 Britons person not been evacuated, Defence Secretary Ben Wallace said.

No much radical are being called to the airdrome to committee flights retired of Afghanistan, with the MoD saying it had closed processing facilities successful Kabul.

It said the UK's quality to process immoderate much evacuations is present "extremely reduced and further numbers volition beryllium limited".

The US has been moving the airdrome successful Afghanistan's capital, wherever astatine slightest 95 radical - including two British nationals and the kid of a British national - were killed successful a termination weaponry onslaught connected Thursday.

Mr Wallace, Ms Patel and Mr Raab wrote to MPs to outline their adjacent steps present that the evacuation effort astatine Kabul airdrome is concluding.

They acknowledged that "every single" MP would person been contacted with "heartbreaking stories of those near down successful unimaginable circumstances".

But they wrote that their efforts would crook to those who were not evacuated during the UK's subject airlift operation.

Concluding they wrote: "Let america reassure you that we volition proceed to usage each lever astatine our disposal to unafraid the harmless transition of those who privation to permission Afghanistan and to clasp the Taliban to account."

media captionBoris Johnson: "If Taliban privation engagement past harmless transition is perfectly paramount."

Prime Minister Boris Johnson said helium would "shift eden and earth" to assistance radical permission Kabul aft 31 August, and that helium felt a "great consciousness of regret" astir those near behind.

He added that "the timing of this is surely not the 1 that this state would person chosen, and I deliberation that everybody understands that".

But helium said the onslaught astatine the airdrome connected Thursday underlined the urgency of the evacuation cognition and wherefore it was being concluded successful the mode that was.

Labour person Sir Keir Starmer said the UK indispensable "urgently assistance those near behind", portion Tory MP and Afghanistan seasoned Tom Tugendhat said helium felt "anger and shame" for those who could not beryllium saved.

media captionGetting the level retired of Afghanistan was "happiest infinitesimal of my life"

What happens to Afghan refugees coming to the UK?

  • Arrivals connected authoritative flights participate a 10-day Covid quarantine successful a hotel
  • Government officials and section authorities are trying to find them imperishable homes
  • A shortage of suitable accommodation means galore volition beryllium placed successful hotels
  • Some volition get exile presumption and tin unrecorded successful the UK permanently
  • Others volition get a five-year visa to unrecorded and enactment successful the UK - and tin past use for imperishable residence
  • Afghans arriving independently volition participate the mean strategy for asylum claims - which has a backlog of 70,000 people
  • These radical cannot settle, oregon work, portion their claims are considered

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