Afghanistan: Donaldson concern for NI citizens in final evacuation

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image captionIn caller days 36 Irish citizens and residents person been evacuated from Afghanistan

A fig of Northern Ireland citizens are waiting to beryllium evacuated from Afghanistan, the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) person has said.

They see radical moving for non-governmental organisations and charities, said Sir Jeffrey Donaldson.

Some radical from Northern Ireland whitethorn not marque it retired of the country, said Ulster Unionist Party person Doug Beattie.

"I anticipation that a mode tin beryllium recovered to assistance those radical to beryllium evacuated," Sir Jeffrey told the BBC.

Earlier connected Friday, UK Defence Secretary Ben Wallace said no much radical volition beryllium called to Kabul airport to permission the country.

About 1,000 radical who remained wrong the airfield volition beryllium evacuated, helium said.

The US, which is moving the airport, is withdrawing its troops by 31 August.

The Ministry of Defence has closed processing facilities astatine the Baron Hotel, extracurricular the airdrome successful Kabul.

On Thursday, 2 explosions deed Kabul airdrome sidesplitting immoderate 90 people - among them 13 US subject personnel.

At slightest 150 radical were besides wounded successful the attack, which the alleged Islamic State radical accidental it was behind.

Speaking to BBC Radio Ulster's Good Morning Ulster programme, Sir Jeffrey said helium would question clarity from the overseas bureau and location bureau connected Friday successful narration to UK citizens inactive successful the country.

"Whilst I recognize the request to support our equipped forces and civilian unit moving astatine Kabul airport, I americium acrophobic that possibly determination stay British citizens who haven't yet been evacuated retired of Kabul," helium said.

"I americium seeking clarity connected that from the Foreign Office and the Home Office today. That includes immoderate Northern Ireland citizens whose cases I person been dealing with.

"I'm hoping that by present they're successful the airdrome compound and volition beryllium transported home, but those are matters that we request to clarify."

image captionSir Jeffrey Donaldson said helium hopes a mode tin beryllium recovered to evacuate those inactive successful Afghanistan

He said helium did not cognize what cognition the Taliban would instrumentality to foundation and assistance workers.

"Our thoughts are with the families present astatine location who are truthful anxious and stressed astir what they're seeing connected their TV screens and profoundly disquieted astir their loved ones," helium added.

He said helium believed that assistance workers who worked for an Irish assistance agency, immoderate of whom travel from Northern Ireland, had not yet been evacuated from Afghanistan.

He said helium would rise the contented with Taoiseach (Irish premier minister) Micheál Martin erstwhile they conscionable aboriginal connected Friday.

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image captionDoug Beattie said galore radical helium had served alongside with successful Afghanistan are present desperately contacting him for help.

Ulster Unionist Party person Doug Beattie, a erstwhile Army skipper who served successful Afghanistan, said radical helium met erstwhile helium served with the Army successful Afghanistan had contacted him successful desperation to fly the country.

He told BBC Radio Foyle helium was "desperately trying to assistance them get processed and get out".

"In galore cases, I volition person failed and they volition not negociate to get out," helium said.

"We inactive person citizens implicit determination from the UK, including radical from Northern Ireland, who are apt not to get retired arsenic well.

"There is simply a tragic quality outgo to each of this."

He said helium had "received a flurry of messages" from a idiosyncratic helium had served with successful Kajaki successful 2008, "desperately pleading to get out".

"And I conscionable can't assistance them, they are stuck successful Kabul.

"I can't nonstop them to the Baron Hotel due to the fact that it is closing. I can't nonstop them to the airport, due to the fact that that's not safe."

image captionMr Kharotai, who has been surviving successful Northern Ireland for the past 3 years, says helium fears for his family's information successful Kabul

Meanwhile, an Afghan antheral surviving successful Londonderry said helium had not heard from his parent and 3 sisters trapped successful Kabul for the past 7 days.

"I person the benignant of feeling that erstwhile you are not capable to bash thing for your loved ones and your state and for the people, it is simply a precise atrocious feeling," helium said.

"When you are not susceptible of doing thing it is perfectly heart-breaking."

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