A Chic Routine for “Super Thirsty” Hair

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Tia Williams

Bestselling writer Tia Williams started retired penning for magazines similar ELLE, Glamour, and Lucky, arsenic good arsenic brands similar Bumble and bumble, truthful her gorgeous hairsbreadth and glowy tegument bash person immoderate stealth expertise down them. This year, betwixt a pandemic hotel-room wedding and a circuit to beforehand her caller book, Seven Days successful June (it’s a Reese’s Book Club pick, and we’re telling you, work it this infinitesimal due to the fact that it’s truthful romantic, sexy, and good), she’s been switching up her hairsbreadth look astir daily. “I bash emotion that my hairsbreadth is versatile,” she says. “I conscionable lavation and spell to deterioration my earthy curls, oregon stroke it retired for a straight, sleek look, oregon enactment it up—I premix it up.”


Ohhhh but the hairsbreadth challenges are many! My biggest hurdle is dryness. I person high-porosity, ace thirsty hairsbreadth that tin ne'er get capable moisture. I’m truthful into this conditioner for that reason—it’s profoundly penetrating and loaded with good-for-you ingredients similar rose, lavender, and chamomile.


For the aforesaid hydrating reasons, I’m each astir a hairsbreadth mask. A disguise besides conscionable feels indulgent, similar a peculiar treat. The time I recovered retired my publication deed the NYT bestsellers list—right aft I had a implicit breakdown—I smoothed connected my Rahua Omega 9 hairsbreadth disguise from roots to ends, wrapped it successful Saran Wrap (important for penetration!), sat successful the prima connected my occurrence flight with a Häagen-Dazs cocoa almond crystal pick bar, and genuinely luxuriated.

Tia Williams wedding photo


Last December, I had a quarantine hotel-room wedding. It was precise cozy and intimate (just my husband, my daughter, and an officiant), but I inactive wanted to look glamorous—in an effortless-ish way? I blew retired my hair, past wrapped mean sections astir a one-inch curling robust for easy, tousled waves. For a small oomph, I added a chic crystal barrette I’d recovered connected Etsy.


I conscionable colored my hair. I’m afloat connected the bronde train. Halle Berry posted a selfie connected Instagram with coppery-honey highlights, and I had to get them. Of course, this makes my hairsbreadth adjacent drier, but I regret nothing.

Natural hairsbreadth doesn’t request to beryllium washed much than erstwhile a week oregon it tin get truly dry. If I’m wearing a blowout that week, I support it looking caller with a spot of Ranavat hairsbreadth serum: I use it connected my ends earlier bed. If I’m wearing my hairsbreadth natural, I hitch the aforesaid serum betwixt my scale digit and thumb and twirl it astir idiosyncratic curls to refresh them.

Tia Williams curly hair


Like astir Black girls successful the ’80s, I got my archetypal relaxer successful simple school. I ne'er thought doubly astir it until I was successful my thirties, erstwhile my girl was a toddler: She has a caput of thick, lush spirals, and she hated them. She wanted her hairsbreadth to beryllium straight, “like Rapunzel’s and Mommy’s.” Devastating! I stopped relaxing and ne'er went back. How could I thatch my girl to emotion her curls erstwhile I was straightening excavation to oblivion?

When I air-dry, I ever adust it a spot with Conair Volumizing Diffuser Attachment first. It gives my benignant of bladed curls tons of fluff, dimension, and sexy frizz—I similar a spot of fuzz erstwhile my hairsbreadth is curly. It feels disco-y.

For years, I could lone get blowouts astatine salons, due to the fact that I couldn’t get my edges creaseless capable astatine home. Kipozi Pencil Flat Iron makes my blowouts look professional. It’s ace skinny and cleanable for catching tiny babe hairs.


I can’t constitute with hair. It’s distracting. I ever twist it up successful a clip, distant from my look and neck. So I support a Goody Classics Half Claw Clip successful each country of my home—and successful my container for on-the-go penning emergencies.


My main quality successful Seven Days successful June, Eva, has a hectic life, raising a tween, penning novels, and moving astir to publication readings—like me! I don’t person a batch of time, truthful speedy fixes are it. Rahua Legendary Amazon Oil is simply a godsend. I transportation it successful my container and use it connected my ends earlier a publication event. It’s ultralightweight, instantly adds gloss to my hair, and smells similar existent heaven. I besides slumber connected Slip silk pillowcases to assistance support my hairsbreadth creaseless and shiny.

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