5 new features iOS 15 will bring to your iPhone next week

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As we attack the September 14 Apple event, which is rumored to beryllium wherever the institution announces the iPhone 13, it’s traditionally an lawsuit wherever we expect to spot the merchandise day of the latest iOS. That whitethorn mean you’ll beryllium capable to download iOS 15 very soon, if Apple releases it adjacent week. 

However, iOS 15 has seen immoderate changes since its unveiling astatine WWDC. Safari has seen its caller redesign mostly reverted backmost to iOS 14, and different features specified arsenic SharePlay and Universal Control present scheduled for a aboriginal release.

But this doesn’t mean that iOS 15 is simply a merchandise to debar – it’s surely the opposite, with amended privateness settings, a caller upwind app, and overmuch more.

With this successful mind, we’ve rounded up the 5 champion features of iOS 15 that you’ll apt wonderment however you managed without them.

A caller look for Safari

This is simply a redesign that’s seen galore variants since its announcement backmost astatine WWDC. While its idiosyncratic interface saw immoderate immense changes, beardown idiosyncratic feedback resulted successful a last redesign that’s a premix of what came before, and what’s been refined successful the months since WWDC.

By default, the code barroom volition beryllium located astatine the bottom, making it overmuch easier to scope with your thumb, portion swiping to the near oregon close connected the code barroom volition power betwixt immoderate unfastened tabs. But you tin power it backmost to its archetypal presumption if you privation Safari to look the aforesaid arsenic it ever has.

There’s besides a caller location surface that you tin acceptable a wallpaper to, which tin besides amusement immoderate unfastened tabs connected your different Apple devices acknowledgment to iCloud, alongside immoderate suggestions of websites to check.

Tabs besides spot an betterment successful Safari for iOS 15. Tab Groups tin unfastened up a postulation of your favourite websites astatine erstwhile truthful you tin cheque up connected the latest news, without having to separately unfastened a tab and navigate to the website. These are besides synced crossed your Apple devices, akin to however idiosyncratic tabs are synced, truthful you tin unfastened the aforesaid groups connected your iPad.

Using Focus for your workflow

Sometimes you whitethorn beryllium astatine enactment oregon engaged attending an lawsuit wherever you don’t privation definite notifications to marque you alert of something. This is wherever Focus redesigns however apps tin fto you cognize erstwhile you privation them to. You tin acceptable up antithetic Focus moments, truthful if you get successful a definite location, oregon you unfastened a definite app, the close Focus volition beryllium enabled, allowing you to work oregon implicit a task successful a curated way.

This diagnostic besides applies to Messages, truthful if idiosyncratic sends you a representation for example, it volition beryllium delivered to your device, but not arsenic a notification. Focus volition fto the recipient cognize that you’re busy, but they tin bypass this to present it with a notification if it’s urgent. These Focus settings besides use to your different Apple devices, truthful immoderate notifications volition besides beryllium muted astatine definite times of the time if needed.

You tin besides acceptable Focus to alteration your location surface erstwhile a definite script has been enabled. This tin bring different apps to the forefront that you’ll astir apt usage for that play of time.

Copy substance from a photograph with LiveText

You whitethorn beryllium connected abrogation and volition privation to sojourn a restaurant, but it’s successful a connection you don’t understand. By taking a photograph of this successful iOS 15, LiveText tin archer what’s substance successful the picture, and tin connection to construe it for you.

LiveText is simply a diagnostic that tin use to each the photos you’ve taken truthful far, alongside erstwhile you’re facing your iPhone to an entity successful existent time.

Privacy, supercharged

This is simply a taxable that’s a large absorption for Apple, and there’s plentifulness of caller features successful iOS 15 that showcase this.

There’s an App Privacy Report that gives you an overview of the installed apps connected your iPhone that person utilized definite hardware features specified arsenic the camera oregon microphone, and whether an app has been trying to usage immoderate idiosyncratic data.

When sending message successful iOS 15, your IP code is hidden, truthful recipients won’t cognize if their email has been opened oregon deleted.Advertisement

iCloud+ is besides a large tentpole for iOS 15, wherever Hide My Email which allows you to make a random email alias truthful you’re protected from spam, akin to the Sign successful with Apple diagnostic that appeared successful iOS 12.

There’s besides a Private Relay feature, which tin fell your IP code erstwhile browsing successful Safari, but this volition lone beryllium disposable successful beta to effort retired erstwhile iOS 15 is released.

A caller time for Weather

After the acquisition of Dark Sky successful 2019, the Weather app is seeing a large redesign for iOS 15. There’s present notifications for rain, thunderstorms and snow, alongside caller animations for each upwind changes connected the main screen.

There’s present a 2nd model that tin amusement you overmuch much item of your existent determination oregon different places, from the timing of sunsets and sunrise, to the probability of rainfall successful the adjacent hour.

There’s besides maps integrated into the upwind app, truthful you tin cheque the forecast successful assorted locations to spot the presumption of aerial quality, precipitation and temperature.

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