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The UK victims of coronavirus Read

The coronavirus pandemic has been felt across the world as people move into self-isolation and mass lockdown – but for others, the effects have been far more tragic. In the UK, 144 people have now died after being diagnosed with Covid-19 after a further 29 in England were killed by the respiratory virus overnight. NHS England said the latest fatalities were aged between 47 and 96 years old, all with underlying health conditions. The 47-year-old is understood to be the second youngest person to have died in the UK News outbreak. The woman, who was from the West Midlands, suffered high blood pressure and other health issues.

UK Vicitims of Coronavirus

The four named UK victims of Covid-19 include the youngest British person to have died so far from the disease, the 45-year-old father-of-two Craig Ruston. Mr Ruston, from Kettering, Northamptonshire, was fighting motor neuron disease when he contracted coronavirus. His family said he was taken ill on Tuesday last week, and spent six days in isolation. Posting on Facebook, his wife Sally and daughters, wrote: ‘My Amazing Craig passed away yesterday morning at 6.20am. ‘We are truly heartbroken. His fight with MND was not ready to be over. At diagnosis, in June 2018 he was given roughly two years to live. UK Medical News

StemTaken By UK Government against CoronaVirus

Nick Matthews died at the age of 59 on Saturday morning, shortly after returning from a holiday in the Canary Islands. His wife Mary shared on Facebook: ‘Today at 3am I lost my life partner and a soul mate but most of all my best friend. The UK Political News Together with our children Charlotte and Ben we are beyond proud to have had such a big character in our lives. ‘As a family, we are currently in isolation. I know some of you would like to visit, but please for you and your family’s safety, stay away until we get the all-clear.’ Nick, a former police officer who had been part of Clevedon CIFD before taking early retirement for health reasons 10 years ago, went into hospital by ambulance on Thursday night with breathing difficulties and was originally diagnosed with pneumonia. UK Distribution Sites

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