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Coronavirus: Only go to your job if you cannot work from home - Hancock

People can go to work if they cannot do their work at home, the health secretary has said, amid confusion over the new coronavirus restrictions.
It comes after calls for clarity, including from construction workers, about Monday's wider shutdown measures.
Matt Hancock also said Tube services should be running "in full", after being asked about packed trains during Tuesday's morning commute. Uk News
The number of UK deaths rose to 422 on Tuesday, a rise of 87 in one day.
As it continues to ramp up its response to the number of people testing positive for the disease, the government is opening a new makeshift hospital at the ExCel exhibition centre in London.
The temporary Nightingale Hospital has been set up with help from the military and will have capacity for 4,000 patients. UK Politica News
Mr Hancock also appealed for 250,000 volunteers to help the NHS, and said more than 11,000 former medics had answered the government's call to return to the NHS. More than 24,000 final-year student nurses and medics will also join the health service.

'Employers have a duty'

Mr Hancock led Tuesday's daily Downing Street briefing - which saw reporters asking questions over video-link - after complaints that part of the government's strict new rules were confusing for workers.
The new measures, in place for at least three weeks, tell Britons to only leave home to go to work "where this is absolutely necessary and cannot be done from home". Mr Hancock later said those who cannot work from home should go to work "to keep the country running".
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On Tuesday, pictures showed workers in London crowding into Tube carriages - despite warnings that, even when out in public, people should keep two metres (6ft) away from others.
Unions and workers in the construction industry have called for protection, saying their work is not essential and puts people's health at risk. UK COVID-19
And Piers Morgan highlighted the issue on ITV's Good Morning Britain when he showed images of construction workers working at London's Heathrow Airport and said: "Ask yourself a moral question: what are you doing? Do the right thing. Do you have to be out there? Can this work wait? You need to get your priorities right."
He then interviewed London's mayor Sadiq Khan who said that, in his view, construction workers should not be going to work and that he had made that point "quite forcefully" to Boris Johnson.
Asked about the issue at the briefing, Mr Hancock said people whose jobs has not already been shut down by the government measures to date should continue to work but should only be travelling to a workplace "where that work can't be done at home".
He said construction workers - many of whom work outdoors - could and should continue to go to work as long as they are able to remain two metres apart at all times. UK Distribution Service

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