19 July: The station where masks are mandatory - and not

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By Harry Low
BBC News

image captionThe Tube (left) requires facemasks portion Thameslink, connected the right, does not

The latest regularisation changes mean passengers astatine immoderate stations successful London necessitate look coverings for the services tally by Transport for London (TfL), but not connected different operators' trains.

On the archetypal greeting nether this new, much relaxed Covid authorities successful England, the BBC spoke to commuters astatine 1 specified station, Farringdon, to spot what they are making of it all.

Commuters astatine this cardinal London presumption tin alteration trains a substance of metres apart. As they marque the abbreviated travel crossed the platform, the proposal changes too. They are allowed either to region their look covering oregon should enactment it on, depending connected which absorption they are travelling.

Although look coverings are nary longer a ineligible requirement, authoritative proposal "expects and recommends" them successful crowded and enclosed spaces. Mayor of London Sadiq Khan has gone further though, utilizing his powers to marque mask-wearing a information of carriage connected each TfL services.

Many passengers were unaware of the regularisation changes and look confused astir what the existent proposal is.

'We've gone backmost connected ourselves'

image caption"It should beryllium down to the government," Will Lucas says

Will Lucas is an IT manager and is allowing his unit to set their hours to debar travelling erstwhile services are astatine their busiest. He says clarity is needed.

He said: "In my opinion, it shouldn't beryllium down to idiosyncratic companies to acceptable themselves up to beryllium blamed by the public. It should beryllium down to the authorities and that's what it should person been from time one.

"We're truthful adjacent and present we've conscionable gone wholly backmost connected ourselves. It should ne'er beryllium enactment connected individuals oregon companies to marque their minds up, due to the fact that present it's antithetic crossed the full UK and obscurity successful the world, arsenic acold arsenic I'm aware, is truly doing that."

'I deliberation radical are bored of the situation'

image captionNatalie Ross likens the concern present to Israel, wherever she is connected vacation from

Natalie Ross was calved successful London but present lives successful Tel Aviv, Israel, wherever astir of the colonisation are vaccinated, though the state is reportedly connected the brink of different lockdown 1 period aft societal distancing and mask-wearing rules were relaxed.

She said: "I deliberation masks should beryllium mandatory indoors connected each nationalist transport for a batch longer. This isn't going away.

"I deliberation radical are bored of the concern truthful I don't deliberation everyone volition perceive to the rules... not astatine nighttime erstwhile radical are a spot drunk and they've been astatine bars.

"I'll fto you cognize erstwhile I travel location contiguous present the rules person changed."

'It doesn't truly marque immoderate sense'

image captionAlex Ferrara says determination should beryllium "no masks astatine each oregon masks connected each trains"

Alex Ferrara, 24, a jeweller, wasn't alert of the caller rules which helium branded arsenic "crazy and "terrible".

He said: "You're similar 5 metres distant from the platform. It doesn't truly marque immoderate sense.

"Either you don't deterioration a disguise connected either bid oregon you deterioration a disguise connected some trains."

'If you don't cognize the rules, support it on'

image captionJulie Field was wearing masks connected nationalist transport adjacent earlier it became mandatory past June

Julie Field, 55, has been wearing a disguise to support her 95-year-old parent with whom she lives, adjacent earlier they became mandatory "for her ain idiosyncratic comfort".

She said: "If you don't cognize what the rules are, support your disguise on. Other radical whitethorn not person radical they attraction about.

"I'm going to bash the implicit maximum to support myself safe."

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